Pipecleaner Head


Someone got a little carried away at craft time…

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  1. Actually, it’s not a bad shot. A little rim lighting might have been nice but not bad. Not sure what the pipe cleaners are about but so be it, it’s weird and that’s what they were going for, some sort of lightning…I dunno. Still, it’s not a bad shot.

  2. i think it’s good. just a bit different and it seems if there’s any fault, which I don’t think there is, it’s do to with the stylist rather than the photographer.

  3. Marie Antoinette meets the Bride of Frankenstein?!

  4. Two people above actually think this is good. That is remarkable. It’s a terrible photo with terrible lighting along with an awful faux backdrop and vignette. No need to even start with the absurd hair.

  5. I know this image and photographer. It was destroyed by the retoucher who is not associated with the photographer. I’d say that’s quite unfair.

  6. Decent lighting, a good job at photoshopping her into her new location (look at those fly away hairs), perhaps not the most engaging attempt at creativity, but I certainly don’t think they belong on this website.

  7. theCharlieScott

    I like this photo. It was shot with a ring light, which I love, and wish I owned.

  8. Yeah, not too bad really. Needs a rim light to make her pop maybe and some more editing. As it stands, 30 secs in lightroom and i would have this looking much better.

  9. This is actually a type of avante garde hairstyling and is quite common

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