Plaid Bump

awkward baby bump

We’re not sure if it’s her gazing slightly off camera or perhaps how she’s sitting, but this one makes us feel very… awkward…

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  1. Poor lady. I’ve spent some time now trying to find something positive to say about this shot. I do like the warm sunlight hitting the barn. I almost don’t mind her look and smile (guessing she’s looking at her husband) but egads, that ghastly skin tone hurts my eyes so much. Does no one, but no one give a darn about white balance anymore? And of course, it’s just me but I’d not plunk her between two trees and then plunk her head smack dab in the door of a barn. Did I mention the ghastly white balance?

    • Yoda is real

      The background is a splash of light, but the subject is in the shade with no strobes. That’s the main problem and why she looks like a ghost. The pic is so flat.

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