Blue Butt


Selective butt coloring, that’s a new low!

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  1. Ah, selective colouring. The fall-back for every faux when they take a “meh” shot. I won’t get into why the shot is nothing special. We can all see that for ourselves.
    My biggest beef is the sloppiness. Whether you selectively colour something or crop or compose or whatever is involved, could you at least do a respectable job of it?!? When you are two, you learn to take a crayon and colour between the lines. It’s not tough people.

  2. Ah… Masterful. Walter White and the blue butt. Eat your heart out Saul!

  3. Um, aren’t hearts red? This fails in so many ways.

    • Maybe the photographer decided to work blue?

      Thanks, I’ll be hear all week. Try the veal!

  4. So much fail..

  5. Heisenberg will not be pleased to find himself on this site!

  6. I’m the victim of this horrible woman that’s my ass you’re looking at . The rest of the pics are worse this is the best one. It’s horrible and she charged me a fee she will not return

    • Dana, that sucks, do you have a link to the rest of the photos lol I can’t see them being worse than this one! I hope you get your money back.

    • theCharlieScott

      Try to be nice, or you’ll hurt his feelings…

    • What was she going for here?

  7. Put the photoshop down and back away slowly… PLEASE

  8. His head also looks like its growing out of her shoulder lol

  9. And his fingers are pink! How does one get to this point in editing and say “yep, nailed it.”

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