Kissy Face

awkward kiss

If you’re photographing the bride and groom in a kissy pose, you may want to give your poor subjects some guidance so they don’t end up looking like muppets.

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  1. Actually, the couple should not need a lot of guidance unless public shy (in which case the photographer should already know that and keep it to a minimum). In this case, the faux should recognize that they really aren’t into it (she sure doesn’t look interested) and move on. Oh, and was this really the best “kiss” shot of the day? This is what you show other potential clients? Geez.

    • Wrong, many couples need guidance and the dreaded word “posing” can make all of the difference. You realize many top photographers become that way due to their careful posing? Youtube Jerry Ghionis and get back to me.

  2. On the plus side, I like how her flowers echo the lines of her tattoo.

    • Indeed. A tight crop might have salvaged something from this shot.

      • on the flowers ? they are blurred ! The only way to salvage the fauxto is the garbage !

  3. cameraclicker

    Guidance is a good idea. Many couples are too enthusiastic. Ask them to just touch, don’t mash. Pressing too hard deforms the face.

  4. Yoda is real

    It looks like he’s kissing a corpse

  5. Very True… Some couple needs the extra push to get the best pictures of their kissing moments. And with the guidance, they make the best pose for photographs.

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