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Bridal BM

When ya gotta go ya gotta go, even on the big day… Where were her bridesmaids I wonder? They should at least be holding her dress up for her. Why the fauxtog would feel the need to capture and share this moment is beyond me.

Red Shorts

At least the guy in the red shorts seems to have posed for the photo as well!

Happy MILF Day

What mother wouldn’t want to crawl around in a bikini for a fauxtog that can take pictures like this!? What a prize!

Pink Eye Photography

Really horrible selective coloring resulting in what appears to be an unfortunate case of pink eye? There’s a visine for that!

Brown Eyed Girl

Well done fauxtog, you made what was probably a very cute little girl look absolutely terrifying. Don’t make eye contact! She will absorb your soul.