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    His Friends Hired a Fauxtog

    From our email: “You guys might have a suggestion. Two close friends of mine got married and had a wedding three years ago. They paid $1400 for a…


    Big Shoes

    That’s one huge pair of shoes.

    Fauxtog Spotting

    I was at the park this week when I stumbled across the ever not-so-elusive fauxtog, easily spotted by her on-camera flash, cliche props and the awkward way she…


    Just Another Baby Bump

    We haven’t had an awkward baby bump photo in a few days, so here goes. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but what’s with the…

    Awkward Pregnancy Photos

    Awkward Pregnancy Photos from Pregnant Chicken Some look like the work of fauxtogs.


    This Is New

    Botanists all over the world are studying this very picture right now. The fauxtographer seems to have discovered a new flower, and naming rights are up for grabs.

    Denny Scott Photography

    Denny Scott Photography¬†   (Old but good)


    Deep Thoughts

    I wonder if he’s contemplating why his parents let this fauxtog take his picture.  


    Allow Me to Translate…

    Translation: Last May, I got a decent camera. I used to take pictures of my kids for fun, and my friends told me they were good. After I…