Deep Thoughts

I wonder if he’s contemplating why his parents let this fauxtog take his picture.


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  1. Deep shit… that’s what the fauxtog is in for taking this…

  2. Why is the statue smiling? He must not know he’s in this awful photo.

  3. I remember when I got MY first digital camera too!!! Maybe this was taken back in 1999 when they recorded jpegs straight to a floppy disk… yeah… that has to be it 😉 This wasn’t really posted on a fauxtogs site was it? I mean, Fauxtogs at least think they are trying right? They must have meant for this to be in “mobile uploads” although no Photographer should ever have mobile uploads… whats the point?

  4. i guarantee he’s not thinking that. lame.

  5. Wow just a bit of fill flash and a slight head turn could’ve fix this one.

  6. You can use a camera phone in the right situation to produce some very artistic and dramatic photos that require zero editing. Use your tools, don’t let the tools use you. My top 5 favorite picture I’ve ever taken in the last 15 years was taken last year with an iphone 4 in a night club with my GF. Any other camera, any other lens, any other sensor would have captured too much information and lost the feeling, the emotion, the passion that was randomly snapped while half filled with liquor.

    That picture with the statue sucks.

  7. hahahaha!! Funny pic, but its definitely not the worst one I have seen on here!

  8. I just want to know why everyone thinks is is cool to turn the image into a B&W, then bring the color out in the pumpkin, or GREEN SHIRT. This works for RED and SCHINDLER’S LIST!!!

  9. Susan Hoffman

    I’m wondering if that is a Nittany Lion he’s sitting on … if so, the kid better get out of there fast.

  10. Spot color did nothing to hide that the photographer didn’t know posing nor did they understand fill flash.

  11. Blech. Major blech.

  12. i was called at the last minute to shoot at a wedding cause the first photographer couldnt do it all
    So my wife and i headed out for a 3 hour drive heading for Chicago.
    When we got there at 10 am we went to see the bride and her brides maids getting ready in a salon.
    The other photographer never showed up,we where alone shooting for 3 hours while they where getting ready.
    We then headed out to the place where the wedding was to be held …took out all out gear from the trunck of my car /also the back seat ….we had photo booths there waiting for us so we had to bring studio strobes also …all 6 of them to cover the 3 booths .
    The first photographer shows up to meet us and all she had was 2 nikon cameras ,one had a 70-300 F4.5 and the other had a stock lens on it….no flash on either one of them,just the pop up flash.
    i was thinking ,well maybe her gear is in a bag and shes waiting for the wedding to start.
    Needless to say..the wedding started and she had nothing else with her ….we even did pics before the wedding and we where using reflectors /off camera flash/prime lenses/all lenses 2.8 f stop and lower…on manual shooting raw.
    this woman was on AUTO/JPEG and thats it.
    she was impressed with our reflectors and diffusers …she told us ..OHHH THATS HOW YOU USE THEM ! I couldnt believe my ears …here we are amateurs thinking we are helping out a pro and she was even deleting pics off her camera cause she only had 1 memory card in each camera and they where both full while the wedding was going on …we couldnt believe it.
    Also found out 5 MONTHS LATER when they finally got the pics from the other photographer they told me they had not even one picture that was good …and thanked god we went …we consider ourselves advanced amateurs and that weddings should be left for the pros ..but who the hell would ever take a chance of shooting a wedding with no damn gear ..omg they are stupid …you cant redo a wedding cause of bad luck ,its a do it right the first time or die trying ,this photographer had no idea what she was doing and even told us she was doing weddings for the past year yet…still shooting on auto and in JPEG told us she didnt know how to shoot manual or even what was raw !

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