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Botanists all over the world are studying this very picture right now. The fauxtographer seems to have discovered a new flower, and naming rights are up for grabs.

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    Oh dear!!!

  2. FAIL. Even if someone doesn’t understand how to expose properly, they should understand that this looks nothing like the flower they saw with their eye. Good thing they put a giant logo on it – makes it professional! And regarding exposure – any DSLR can find the right exposure. There is no excuse – with the electronics we have today – to have a exposure this far off. I don’t advise shooting in P (professional mode ;p) but if you can’t figure out the basics of photography at the very least please don’t insult your camera by shooting an image this far off!

    • LOL, P is for Program, not professional. Now that’s a major FAIL.

      • yes, obviously.

        It was a joke from that MWAC video…

      • …hence the use of “;p” after. That generally indicates sarcasm

      • Andreas Steen

        Its like how A is for Awesome and S is for Super

      • exactly! and the little green square – that is obviously the composition/framing mode…

        M is for the money shot? :p

      • Yeah, because you can totally tell someone’s tone through text (sarcasm)

      • yes, usually πŸ™‚

      • You can if you’re not a total mongoloid…

      • LOL i knew exactly what Mika was on about hahaha πŸ˜›

      • You can when they make a ;p after the comment to denote the sarcasm… hence the point of the ;p…

      • I could tell he was being sarcastic, but the “;p” wasn’t what clued me in… It was the use of quotes surrounding the word “professional”.

      • Well it doesn’t stand for Phootographer because that has a F sound πŸ˜‰


    • Who am I kidding? The D90s that these fauxtogs are carrying don’t have X mode.

      • Hey. Nothing wrong with a D90, camera snob. People make do with what they have.

      • Nothing wrong with it at all. It’s just a very common fauxtog camera and doesn’t have X mode. That’s the only point I was making.

  4. Marvin Lee

    “LOL, P is for Program, not professional. Now that’s a major FAIL.”

    Oh dear. Irony.

    • Watch the mwac attack video, it’s so funny but you will get the joke afterwards πŸ˜‰

  5. at first I couldn’t even tell that was a flower. Worst exposure ever.

  6. Awful. Just awful.

  7. last_warrior

    My question is why is it in “black and white?”

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