Denny Scott Photography

Denny Scott Photography 


(Old but good)

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  1. What the eyes have seen, can not be unseen.

  2. Anonymous

    I need bleach for my eyes! Thanks for the warning, next time I see you, your wedgie will be delivered! LOL

  3. Shame, his original site is gone, it’s ‘Art Internet Photography’ now…

  4. I cant see anything, is this still up?

  5. Ah! I found it, best Sears hardware models I have ever seen!

  6. Check out his new site. OMG! Who would pay for that crap? Not our clients.

  7. My eyes! My eyes are burning!

  8. Based on some of the hair and clothes, he has been photographing for a while…and it doesn’t look like he was improved on his style either.

  9. DIsgusted Photo Studio Owner

    As long as people will buy this crap he’ll keep shooting it. He needs to trade in his camera for a poop shovel and go work in the dairy barn.

  10. New User

    Whats even better is all the fauxtogs in the comments section.

    • i was just about to say that. there were some that even said, “as a professional photographer, i am so disgusted”
      me oh professional, eh? :clicks profile”
      …they’re just as bad 🙁
      it cracks me up but bothers me T-T

  11. I think this guy was or is in my State! Can’t tell from the two websites.

  12. Your Senior photography isn’t that bad, just be more selective as to what images you display on your site. Get rid of the under/over exposed images, find better backgrounds/locations. The kid sitting under the hood of the car is a great concept and could’ve been done a bit more creatively. I would’ve tried using multiple strobes, colored strobes or would’ve had him working on the engine. Like an environmental portrait of sorts.

    The photo of the girls while the Mississippi has flooded it’s banks, what were you thinking on that one? Those boudoir images MY GAWD are horrible, the poses are very unnatural, the lighting is very unflattering and he needs to find more attractive models!

    I think he needs to stick to the Senior photos, with a bit of improvement he could go far with those. Keep shooting!

  13. Is that girl in the purple old enough to be here?

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