Just Another Baby Bump

We haven’t had an awkward baby bump photo in a few days, so here goes. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but what’s with the plastic tag left on the shoes?


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  1. The stud on the woman’s belly button just reeks of class and style…

  2. Or the ridiculous navel ring!

  3. anonymous

    Because it only would have taken about 3 seconds to photoshop that tag out?! lol

  4. Anonymous

    god I cannot see 1 good thing about this photo…..a headless, legless woman, probably going for the baby bonus with some ugly shoes on her tummy with the plastic tie being the best bit of the whole photo

  5. I think what bothers me so much about all these baby bump photos is the face that they’re just of the bump. The fauxtog trend of just showing a bare pregnant belly makes it seem so impersonal to me. Pregnancy isn’t just about the bump (and whatever prop you can balance on it). It’s about the whole woman.

    • I think you’ve helped me figure out why I hate these pictures so much. Thanks for putting it into words!

  6. Anonymous

    …too cheap for real photos… probably didn’t cut the tag off so they could return them to Walmart and get their $3.96 back. >.< Ugh.

  7. All mentioned above plus the seam in the backdrop is annoying me!

    • kettner3000

      That’s just the fauxtog using leading lines. He knows a couple basic principles of composition.

      • Yeah. Right. … The tag and the seam, and the lackluster lighting and the composition…bleh!

  8. Maybe taken in Sears, and the shoes had to go back on the rack after the shot?

  9. I have issues with the seam in the background, the tag on the shoes, the way the shoes are positioned, her navel ring and her stretch mark ( needs to be photoshoped out) and the position of the momma just looks so uncomfortable and unnatural

    • Another Steve

      All true, but somehow it’s the wrist in the corner that bugs me the most. Crop, zoom, cover it up with some of that shag carpeting or whatever it is she’s lying on…even ‘shop it out. Anything would be an improvement.

    • That’s not a stretch mark. It’s a line caused by changing hormones. You can get similar ones on your face, too. I didn’t get a single stretch mark, but still had that pigmentation. It goes away after pregnancy. Not everything needs to be photoshopped out…

    • Well wouldn’t photoshopping out the piercing and the line also be unnatural?

  10. I like how they left the tag on the booties so they could return them when they’re done and use the money to buy some coffee brandy and WIC milk.

  11. Ugh! The tag on the shoes, lighting, navel ring, outfit, seam on the black back drop with the shitty brown shag carpet. Good lord! Horrible on so many levels. My brain hurts.

  12. say what you will about the photograph, but if the mom wants to wear her belly ring who gives a fuck? what’s next? OMG SHE HAS TATTOOS, WHAT A BAD PHOTOGRAPHER!

    clearly the point is being missed if it took so many comments to even point out the seem in the backdrop. OMG BELLY RING FAUXTOG LOLOLOL

    • Exactly. I can’t understand all these people judging the subject. I would hate to be one of their clients, being silently judged.

      • Agreed! Its supposed to be about the photograph, not the subject.

  13. That’s just awkward. How was photographing this angle a good idea?!?!

  14. The ONLY thing good about this shot is the lighting…

    • No, I take that back… I don’t have a problem with her navel ring. I had a woman once who had a little pink baby booty hanging from hers, I thought it was rather cute. She wanted a portrait of her belly with the booty to announce the sex of the baby and to see if anyone would figure it out. Brilliant actually.

      • There are special pregnancy piercings that flex with your growing belly. I had a blue one when pregnant with my son.
        I think the focus should be on the bad photography. And maybe the timing; her belly is not big enough to really really read pregnant to me. Or maybe its the position she’s in. Or the angle of the camera. There’s all kinds of wrong in this photo.

  15. Who gives a damn about the ring? Worry more about the off black backdrop and the seam in the backdrop.

    The cropping could be tighter too –

    And yeah – either ps the tag out or cut it off – unless the couple doesn’t want it removed for some reason.

  16. No one mentioned the pillow that you can still see…obviously just to support her back…shouldn’t be in the frame but it is.

  17. Gourmetguy

    Yum yum
    that baby was delicious

  18. Whats everyone got a problem with the belly ring for? people seem to be assuming that anyone with one is cheap and tacky. i have one and have had for 9 years now. last time i checked i wasnt some sort of cheap tacky trailer trash…

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