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Do you ever get so nervous that you’ve got butterflies in your stomach!? Just get a sword and cut them out!

You’re A Creepy One, Mr Grinch

creepy grinch

I don’t think you should let your child sit with that thing…

Handy Stocking Stuffer

santa arm

At first glance this photo appears innocent and cute, upon closer inspection however you’ll notice that either that stocking is stuffed with a dismembered arm, or Santa is laying on the floor just out of the frame, reaching for this poor unsuspecting child…

Christmas Eve

creepy santa

If I were you kid, I’d escape out that window quick, Santa looks pissed!

Blur Belly Dog Shot

belly and dog

Is she holding a dismembered hand against her belly? The dog probably thinks it’s for him which is why he’s watching so intently.