Mowing The Clouds

tigers and fish

This kid’s just mowing the clouds, with his pet tiger. We’re not really sure how the door filled with fish fits in though?

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  1. Kind of Like It

    Actually, this isn’t bad – I suspect all the extra stuff was totally the kid’s idea. My kid would love something like this, and it has just the right amount of cheesiness to be awesome.

  2. I don’t think I hate it either. It might seem a bit weird but when you think about it…

    If you asked your kid what he wanted to be when he grew up don’t you think in his mind it would go something like this picture? Oh the possibilities!

  3. Badly thought out surrealism. Although the editing job and toning is pretty decent, at least they didn’t botch the edgework.

    • photosbytw

      Surrealism? I tend to think it’s about a child’s imagination. I think it’s well done and the photographer was very creative.

  4. This reminds me of the story I heard about a drawing by Julian Lennon that inspired Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Picture yourself in the clouds on a tractor with space-ships and tigers and fishies that fly…. pretty goddam awesome if you ask me.

  5. I actually don’t mind this. It’s as mad as a box of badgers, but is generally pretty well done in its own odd way.

  6. Yeah, this reminds me of the scrapbook pages my friend does.

  7. Grackle

    Yeah, this is actually pretty awesome.

  8. Michael

    This is glorious what are you talking about! You can tell this was made to be cheesy on purpose.

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