Tweety Mug

tweety mug

A Tweety mug and some fake flowers… Oh how artistic!

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  1. LumYmul

    Wow ! Is that what they call a Mugshot ?

  2. Grackle

    “Cover at least a third of your face…now squish it together. Perfect. What? No, trust me–I’m a photographer.”

  3. I’ll be generous here and say that the mug might be the lady’s favourite. Still, even if you move that out of the center of the shot, literally, what’s with the vase and crummy white balance? And as usual, the faux needs to take a course or two on posing (among other things). Man, I can’t stop looking at tweety.

    • I would say just because something is a favorite of the subject, it shouldn’t necessarily be in a photograph of them.

      • Let’s say that the mug was given to her on her tenth birthday by her mom who is now deceased. And every time she looks at tweety she thinks of her mom. Ok, I know that isn’t the case here but there could be times when an object has more meaning to the person in the photo than it does to the rest of the world. We may think it’s “nothing” and to them it is the world. Again, probably not the case here but it might me. Still, it’s poorly incorporated if it is important. And it’s making a bigger mess of the pic if it isn’t.

      • Vincent

        Yeah, if the item has sentimental value or whatever to the client and it’s what they want, no denying that the photographer delivered on their part – just take the picture, get paid and never think about the photo again. However, its a different story the photographer is using it as a portfolio piece. Anyone other than the original client won’t understand the significance of the questionable item, and like a joke, if you have to explain it, you’ve failed.

    • Spike Page

      I agree. Who’s to say that this image was not part of a sentimental series…or that the lady’s nickname isn’t “Tweetie-pie” or any of another reasons. Still the posing leaves a bit to be desired…and the lighting seems a bit harsh from the front.

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