Blowing Smoke

blowing smoke

How romantic…

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  1. that is just gross. Why? Those fingers at her throat…..

  2. Plonker

    Interesting photo. It raises the question for every photographer: do you accept the job of trying to make a photo which celebrates behavior you find repugnant?

  3. This may not be a very tasteful composition, but whoever took the photo has to have some knowledge of DOF (interesting bokeh) and lighting to capture the vapor. Repugnant or not, if you’re a professional photog, why the hell not? Take the money and keep it out of your portfolio…it’s just that easy.

    • lol….bokeh is one of the most basic things a person can do with photography. It’s what ever amateur craves when they first start. By no means does having “interesting bokeh” make them professional. This photo is awful. Period. The orange skin and easily removable CA is another tell-tale sign of their lack of skill. If I look at this image one more time, I’ll vomit.

  4. I agree with gross. If I was looking for a photographer and saw this, I would run the other way.

  5. Definitely tasteless. While technically pleasing, right, keep it out of portfolio/online.

  6. i like the colors but whats up with all that smoke…

  7. Umm, the pipe in one hand and red-eyes … pretty much tells the story the client was going for. Sharing their LOVE of the herbal kind whats not to like {note the hint of sarcasm!}

  8. Many poor decisions were made, even before the photo was taken.

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