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    greey eyes

    Green Eyed Boy

    Oh look, this saturation tool really brings out your “natural” eye color!

    baby feet

    Black and White Baby Feet

    We like how this Fauxtog took such an over-used engagement photo idea and really made it their own. The editing is just so horrible and everything is so…

    back rash

    That Looks Infected Bridal Photography

    Someone get this poor girl some ointment!

    face squish

    Face Squish

    It’s actually really sweet because she fell asleep during the photo shoot and he just held her head up so she could still be in all of the…

    floating head

    Floating Head

    We understand the sentiment, but c’mon! This is just horrible.

    tennis ball

    Classy Prom Photo

    Get it? He’s sporty and she’s fancy and they’re going to prom together! That’s a very nice dirty blanket they’re standing on there…

    fake sunset

    Sunset Photoshop

    Since they’re obviously not looking at a real sunset, what do you think they’re gazing at?

    pumping iron

    Pumping Iron

    Well, this showcases neither the fauxtog’s skill, nor the subjects strength…

    man rose

    Man Rose

    This photo obviously raises a lot of questions, but what we’re wondering most of all is, what is that purple thing across his head?