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    Category: Weddings Gone Wrong Page 2 of 7

    plastic mommy

    Plastic Mommy

    Dude! Your mom looks like she could be your sister! And that she’s probably made out of plastic!

    airbrush bride

    Airbrushed Bride

    It’s important to look as plastic as possible on your wedding day!


    Sloppy Desaturation

    We like the concept, just not the execution.

    wedding pic

    Over Edited

    Someone enjoys their photo editing a little too much!

    miley cirus bride

    Miley Cyrus Bride

    Definitely not the most flattering wedding photo!


    Wedding Reflection

      One head, two bodies, just the look every bride wants!

    Country Wedding

    You probably shouldn’t be pointing those at each other’s faces…


    Such a classy shot for the wedding album!

    Glowing Bride and Groom

    We’ve heard of people glowing on their wedding day, but this is just silly.