Glowing Bride and Groom

glow wedding

We’ve heard of people glowing on their wedding day, but this is just silly.

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  1. my, what a lovely bouquet of green sticks, too…

  2. JillyBean

    her breasts are all aglow…that’s true love.

  3. After years of flirting at work, the two co-workers from sector 7-G decided to tie the knot. And the inanimate carbon rod was their best man/maid of honour. And all glowed happily ever after.

  4. Paul Russell

    it’s a bad day when the lean gets away scot free, is that a dutch tilt or a dodgy tripod?

  5. Wow.. I don’t even know how you make something that horrendous. If I ever did I certainly wouldn’t flaunt it

  6. Well, looks like *someone* found the dodge tool. :/

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