Airbrushed Bride

airbrush bride

It’s important to look as plastic as possible on your wedding day!

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  1. The only thing that makes a lady prettier than “Barbie” skin is a fist in the jaw. Bravo faux!

  2. Christopher

    And yet the fauxtog couldn’t be bothered to do anything about the racoon eyes….

  3. This is not horrible. You cannot blame the bride or make up person. As for the hand, perhaps better direction. Typical photoshopping smoothing, etc. that would be my only criticism. Too plasticy post.

    • It is indeed not the most horrible photo I have seen. I do not blame the bride or the make-up artist (though I’ve seen some atrocious make-up in my day). The blame falls squarely in the lap of the photographer (or his/her editor if that’s the case). It is indeed a “plasticy” lady though we all have our opinions on how much is enough or too much. And as you say “as for the hand…”, better direction is needed and that without a doubt falls squarely in the lap of the photographer. Oh, and as Christopher says, those racoon eyes aren’t helping either. Not the world’s worst but definitely not helping bring out the best in this lady.

  4. Not showing the back of the hand is photography 101

  5. The processing has turned her into a Founder from Star Trek DS9.

  6. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. The person who submitted this is a sick. I suppose we.all just picked up a camera and instantly knew everything there is to know about post processing. So nice that you are so professional you ridicule others who are midway in the learning process. God forbid this bride ever has the mortifying moment where she sees herself on display like this. So disgusting on every level.

    • Plonker

      Are you criticizing the posting of this particular photo, or of this site in general? Or do you not like people’s published work being critiqued?

      It’s true that this site is a little rough on the featured photographers. Some people posting on these boards may be mocking, and that’s not good. But the site also serve some good purposes: (1) It reminds photographers what not to do. Most of the comments people make are constructive – they indicate which principles should have been followed but weren’t. And (2), the site also shows aspiring pros what level of quality is considered industry-standard, which helps people know when they’re possibly ready to get serious about shooting for money.

      The site also isn’t overly cruel to the featured photographers. An effort is made to prevent the bad photos from being easily connected to their creator.

      • Plonker

        Actually, scratch that. If it’s true that this photo was lifted from a private group, then much of what I wrote isn’t applicable to this photo.

  7. This picture was stolen from a closed group on Facebook. This is a clear violation of the guidelines of that group. You must have very low self-esteem to degrade another person. What someone shared in private has now been plastered on a crude website for others to mock. I will be contacting Facebook to see if there are any actions we can take towards the anonymous poster.

  8. Valerie

    Good to know that the copyright holder is now filing an official complaint with godaddy. This complaint will enable godaddy to suspend this website – looking forward to that. Lesson learned – don’t accept stolen photos and certainly don’t remove watermarks. Keep it up guys!

  9. What is worse – the group is designed to help people learn and grow. To steal an image and say they are not photographers is out of context. People are not automatically experts in photography. Second – this is a copyright violation. Third – it takes the low of the low to tear people and their work apart to this level. This site should be shut down

  10. Dane Hoffman

    There’s something about those eyes that’s terrifying to me on a primal level.

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