Sloppy Desaturation


We like the concept, just not the execution.

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  1. why have none of them got feet?
    I really shouldn’t comment on the selective colouring, I do not like that style of photography at all. And the back ground? Bleuch. But yes, concept is good.

  2. Snazzy. No, really, I think it could have been or at least was before the guys turned gray. To each their own but I think I would have included feet too and maybe even added vibrance. As it is, even for a selective desaturation job, it’s pretty poorly executed. I love how smidgens of the bridesmaids dresses are lacking colour. Again with the willy-nilly brush strokes. Again, was probably a slick shot and turned to meh and feel sorry for the couple (even though I’m sure they “liked” it immensely).

  3. Hardly the worst we have seen

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