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    March 2013 Page 1 of 2

    easterpost 3

    Evil Easter

    I’m intimidated by this baby.

    easterpost 2

    The Easter Bunny Is Coming!

    The Easter Bunny is coming… Coming to get you!

    breakfast in bed

    Pancake Bikini Sausage Belt

    Breakfast in bed?… You’re doing it wrong!

    smell the roses

    Stop And Smell The Roses

    It’s true, sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses… but always make sure you know where those roses have been!


    Sexy Edit Face

    Needs a little more airbrushing! You can still tell this used to be a human!


    Baby Blue Shorts

    Baby’s watching you…

    dog and baby

    Dingo And The Baby

    Watch out! A dingo is about to steal your baby!



    After… too many radioactive wine coolers?

    grey grass baby

    Grey Baby Green Grass

    There’s a giant ghost baby in your yard!