Pancake Bikini Sausage Belt

Breakfast in bed?… You’re doing it wrong!

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  1. OMG! this is just about the dumbest thing i have seen.

  2. ummmmm………..

  3. all that comes to mind is WHY ????

  4. Breakfast is now the most absurd meal of the day… what the heck would this be for?uhmmmm… a strip club/Denny’s combo?

  5. Gentlemen, welcome to the stage Mmmmufffins!!!!! – she’ll flap jack you into a frenzied breakfast sausage oblivion – put your hands together for Mmmmuffins!!!!” ugh. … i just barfed a little.

  6. Breakfast is now ruined.

  7. Bismuth

    Food photography gone seriously wrong…. or then again, maybe she is possessed by some sort of food demon, angle of shot makes it look like she’s stuck to the ceiling!

  8. Oh god why

  9. First things first. Those pancakes are undercooked.

  10. Oh God my eyes are bleeding……..

  11. no one special

    So many NSFW puns available. But first, nice job cutting off half of her elbow. Is this picture upside down? angles seem off.

  12. I will never eat breakfast meat again.

  13. Getting a little tired of the NSFW photos. There have got to be so many more photos that could be posted. Yes the photo is bad no doubt.

  14. Did anyone else see the blueberry in her bellybutton?

  15. robbifelldown

    Good thing she’s lying on a gigantic paper towel!

  16. Thank all the gods that she isn’t sporting a full English fry-up.

  17. TollToll

    I find this HILARIOUS.

  18. OMG, it can’t bu true …

  19. I have seen some similar concepts to this shot well and creatively executed. I like the photographers desire to explore the ideas here, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet. The lighting needs to be improved as well as white balance, and perhaps some other food time items to explore – perhaps some better styling as well.

  20. I’ve heard of someone having pancake boobs before but..

  21. breakfast boudoir!

  22. That is not even a little bit sexy…

  23. The left side is smiling…….

  24. It takes a lot to be able to turn people off of bacon….

  25. Why would you allow or ask a photog to pose you like this? Ew.

  26. Pancakes? I thought those were tortillas

  27. I don’t realy mind the pancakes (though I’ve seen better looking pancekes I agree we should discuss the photo, not the subject) nor the other props (it is after all a question of, ekhem, taste) but the gigantic wrinkled, tea stained paper towel serving as a background bothers me. Not to mention the unfortunate crop or the posing (if the hands were only just slightly moved towards her stomach the waist would look so much better). The white balance is also not doing much good to the pancakes or the skintone.

    • Agreed; this could possibly be quite playful and entertaining, if not particularly hot. My main issues are not so much the concept as the flat lighting, dull background, and the weird angle and crop that deform the model’s shape.

  28. justme

    When they said “sausage party”, I had something entirely different in mind…

  29. Oh man…I had a blast reading thru the comments. Holy schitt…my stomach hurts.

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