Stop And Smell The Roses

It’s true, sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses… but always make sure you know where those roses have been!

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  1. Lindsay

    man your shit dont stink … thats cause your ass is full of roses :/ … that is terrible

  2. Annoyed

    What. The. F**k. This should not exist, anywhere. Ever.

  3. You have got to be f-king kidding

  4. This seriously made me cringe and jump when it opened. This was a horrible idea :/

  5. jakejones

    Someone, please tell me how to un-see this! Please!

  6. worst. floral. arrangement. EvOr.

  7. uh…uh….um….hmmm….nope.

  8. Jaw droppingly bad. Wow.

  9. she’s a pretty girl, but who would know?!?!

  10. hahahahahahaha

  11. you guys are too much, distracting me from work. lol.

  12. SirBismuth

    Holy mofo….. seriously?

  13. Dat ass! Not really, but does this picture remind anyone of this: ?

  14. Taking flower photography to a whole new level….

  15. Stop stop STOP it!!!

  16. My retinas are burning…can’t…un-see…burning…burning….

  17. The watermark says something Studios; could there be more than one outlet making this stuff? Let’s hope not.

  18. Who would lay there and let them do that in the first place?

  19. mamarizzo

    i’m sorry but all i can think of is that song… “i know you like to think your sh*t don’t stink, but lean a little bit closer and see that roses really smell like boo boo boo…”

    also, very glad i waited to take a drink before i looked at that photo.

  20. Katrina

    Anne Geddes does boudoir?


    who thought this was a good idea i wonder

  22. Pixeldawg

    WOW… What a train wreck. It’s gory, and bad… but I can’t help staring at it.

  23. Say what

    I literally shouted what the hell when I opened this picture. One can only imagine how she was convinced to place the roses there.

  24. Lean a little bit closer see that roses really smell like Poo Poo Poo…

  25. Honestly, I have never been so shocked by an image but also intrigued at the same time. Come on…someone is with me here right? Tell me that you don’t have a massive love hate going on with this image!?

  26. No! Just fucking No!
    I don’t care what you like stuffing up your butt, but don’t photograph it.

  27. the lady has a very pretty face and I am sure if she was in a pose that did not make her look like she has more extra skin then a rhino she would be very attractive.

    The fauxtog that took this should be ashamed. This poor woman is now subject to ridicule forever because of this photo.

    As a photographer we should take very seriously the fact that what we do can seriously damage someone’s self esteem if it is not done right. This was NOT done right.

    To the YANAP admin, before posting this you should have blurred the poor woman’s face.

    • Annoyed


    • I agree, the poor woman has to live with this! Blur our her face

    • Canaduck

      Please, yes.

    • mrrabbit2502

      Too late…

    • Why blur her face? Part of the idea of this website is shaming the people who pay these fauxtographers into doing the right thing and hiring a real photographer.

      • They could have been “modeling” as a favor to a friend who is trying to get into photography or get clients. I think it is still respectful to blur out the face with these types of shot. Paying for bad portraits is one thing (that is a punishment in itself)/

  28. Definitely draws attention to her eyes.

  29. The worst part (other than the HORRIBLE idea) is the fact that the fauxtographer had this posted for the world to see. That is a private photo that the client most likely only intended for her (due to the veil I’d say husband) to see. What an invasion of her privacy. I know boudour photographers may need a portfolio, but NOT posted online. Thats one portfolio you personally meet with a potential client to show. What an ingnorant new crop of wannabees there are out there now.

    • Annoyed

      I’ve done some boudoir. Just starting out. I always post in a gallery with a password and no thumbnail. I let the client look at their images. I then ask if it would be OK if I use some for marketing and I always compensate them in the form of prints or digital images if they agree. I can’t imagine that this woman wanted this public, but then again, you never know. If she didn’t care, then good for her for having so much self-esteem. Me, personally? I would NEVER.

    • There are certain types of photographs that I would not post publicly without explicit approval from the client. This is one of them! Yeah, my contract states I own the copyright and may display images in my portfolio at any time, but there is a line to draw for what is ethical. I would never post a nude or nearly nude like this on my page due to it being a family-friendly site. On other notes, this woman has a pretty face, and I’m sure there would have been poses that would be much flattering for her body.

  30. after this goes viral, I hope that fauxtog has a signed model release…

    • EvilDaystar

      Why would he need a model release. The image isn’t used commercially.

      • It is if it’s displayed on a photographer’s website. That’s promotion for the photographer (for better or worse). All my clients sign a model release if they want a session preview on my blog. Otherwise, their images stay in a password protected gallery. Photographers have rights, and so do clients.

  31. Holy shite!
    I’ll have nightmares now.

  32. Michelle

    Oh dear god NOOOOOOOO!

  33. The poor girl – being forced to pose with baby’s breath flowers. But no, really – just no. I really feel sorry for this girl.

  34. Very poor form and degrading to the client. I can not believe the photographer even presented this to her.

  35. Jeffssis


  36. I get why you posted it, it is horrible. You should think about how the poor woman is going to feel if she ever finds out that this is on this site. I’m sure it was taken with the intent to be private. I blame the photographer for putting it where it can be seen but you shouldn’t have made it worse. If she sees these comments she would be crushed.

  37. Derrick

    I have mix emotions about this one… I’m just saying.

  38. Frankie

    hahahaha…..what a “crack” up.

    I totally wasn’t expecting this.
    Beautiful eyes.

  39. this is not work safe! there should have been a warning!! LOL! oh my fragile (now) corrupted little mind… i can never un-see this now. worst part is loading this on a 27″ with people in the office around you… i am so gonna be judged! hahaha

  40. crapping flowers. this needs to be captured!

  41. Roses are red, violets are blue, if you stick ’em in your arse-crack they’ll smell like poo…

  42. Love it. What’s not to like ? Pretty girl, flowers, flattering pose, soft lighting. What could go wrong? You could take this concept further and swap out the roses for say… a whole salami, dollar bills, leading brand toilet rolls, action figures. The possibilities are endless. I’m all over it 😉


  44. BurninBiomass

    Well… this is a new technique for tossing the bouquet.

  45. Maryah13

    You’re a dick!

    • cameraclicker

      Are you referring to someone specifically, or should we all be offended? My display of the thread does not list the posts in order of time.

    • cameraclicker

      Maryah13, are you referring to someone specifically, or should we all be offended? My display of the thread does not list the posts in order of time.

  46. I think the quality of this photo is nice. In focus, lovely lighting and a gorgeous model. So I see some skill, and that makes it even more WTF to see a line of roses tucked into her butt crack. Was that like some half-assed (hurr hurr) attempt at modesty or what?

    Does not compute.

  47. Who placed those flowers?

  48. Petunia Tripapollo

    Makes you think twice when a Photographer says: “It’s going to feel kinda awkward, but it’s going to look awesome!!” lmao

  49. Spencer

    I’m going to go ahead and be the contrarian and say that this isn’t that bad.

  50. I just hope they picked the thorns off first…

  51. donteatthat

    I shall be sending YNAP a bill for a monitor, seeing as a spit my coffee all over mine when I saw this.

  52. Maryah13

    Cameraclicker, the comment I was replying to seems to have been deleted. Some, anon was being very disrespectful about the models size/weight

  53. HeyThere

    I’d like to know what the fauxtographer had to do/say to convince this poor woman to pose like this.

  54. OH MY EFFING GOD………………………

  55. Well, at least the photographer didn’t fall into the trendy, Pinterest/Facebook trained, 24 year old mommies-with-cameras fad of chopping the head off and zooming in on the body. Could you imagine… “Here’s my boudoir portrait… oh, yes, it’s just roses and my crack. The photographer says that’s art!”

  56. mrrabbit2502

    I think this really highlights why people with a camera and lights are not always considered photographers. Equipment does not make a creative professional. While the photo itself may be technically sound, there was a serious lack of artistry involved. Please go back to the drawing board Fauxtographer.

  57. EvilDaystar

    There are ways to shoot plus sized nudes/boudoir … this isn’t one of them. Making her arch her back like that so she can look up to the camera just accentuated the folds on her back … not very sexy and a very poor pose choice.
    It’s too bad too … she seems to have a lovely face.

  58. Quetzal

    Run for, er, I mean FROM, the Roses….

  59. This is the most disgusting picture I’ve ever seen.

  60. artie fufkin

    from the thumbnail I though she’d shit her pants

    this poor woman. I am sure she didn’t intend for this photo to be plastered all over the internet. shame on this fauxtog.
    I hope she sees this page , is appropriately humiliated and outraged and takes action against this dickhead

  61. artie fufkin

    this has inspired a Haiku

    Roses grow in cracks
    In sidewalks and women’s butts
    they don’t all smell nice

  62. This photo simultaneously makes me happy and sad. It will haunt both my dreams and my nightmares.

    Thank you for this.
    Damn you for this.

  63. Nice idea, poorly executed. The woman is beautiful, but you’d never know it the way she’s posed. 🙁

  64. justme

    Is there anything sexier than roses in someone’s ass-crack? I’m gonna go with “yes, lots of things”.

  65. This is a crime against roses, baby’s breath and photography!

  66. Andre 3000

    I’d like to purchase this image for our Outkast single, “Your Roses Smell Like Poo Poo”

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