Sexy Edit Face

Needs a little more airbrushing! You can still tell this used to be a human!

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  1. Of all the airbrushing they could have at least made her tattoo look much better than it actually it.

    • haha! or had her wearing a bra that actually fits properly? or is that too much to ask?

      • FroggieG

        Maybe it was airbrushed on too.

      • Funny … I was thinking the bra looks like it was shopped on.

  2. By the look on her face, she was probably convinced this dude was a good photographer until she witnessed the way he worked, and then the fear set in. Wait until she see’s this final result! Yikes.

  3. I’ve seen worse lol!
    I could submit 100x worse than this…but still, she looks porcelain, where did her skin go? LOL

    • Yeah, I’ve seen way worse. At least she still looks human.

      Notice how the fauxtog just ran a skin smoother over everything. Notice how her tattoo lost all definition, her jewelry grew fur, and her eyes got all washed out and blurry as a result of his inability to mask properly.

      The lighting and pose, however, is actually good. Nice rembrant lighting across and a nice, sultry, pouty look. Underexposed, but it works. The only thing that confuses me is what is that section of flesh on the far right? Is that a leg or a forearm or a hip or what? That should’ve gone away.

  4. Not the worst image I’ve ever seen…of course not of much value, but it’s a fine line on this shot making this site. Maybe I’ve just seen too many of these types and I’ve gone numb 🙂

    • Not the worst, but still bloody awful if you consider this is in someone’s portfolio as an example of good work. Yeesh. Lay off the Photoshop, tog!

    • It could almost…ALMOST…be a considered good shot if it was made for the cover of a trashy teen fiction novel. It has a very early-2000s-teen-romance-novel vibe to it.

      But as it is…it’s a pretty lousy photograph.

  5. Richard

    I love shots of women with no texture left in the skin, ok the pose and crop are not good and they could have done with some hairlight. The skin though is perfect imho 🙂

  6. A photographer

    Give the photographer one point for not using the built-in flash,

  7. Ciao_Chao

    You’re kidding right? It looks like that Second Life game.

  8. This is the first image I’ve seen on YANAP where I have to say this isn’t an awful or shocking image. It’s certainly not great (it would be a stretch to say it’s good), but pick up any magazine (ESPECIALLY celeb mags) and try to find a pore on any subject’s skin. This is an okay use of the rule of thirds and the lighting on the face is passable. I don’t understand how the shadow drops down on the face but drops up on the bra, but if the shooter had used a lighter touch on smoothing out the skin and a heavier touch on blurring out the background I think it would be passable as a nice effort from a beginner. I think this is more a candidate for You Are Not A Photoshop Master than You Are Not A Photographer.

  9. Hobbyist

    This is one of the best colored pencil drawings I’ve seen in awhile. Great artist!

  10. It’s a pretty subject, but the colour is just too intense, nothing is sharp so that nothing really stands out which kind of defeats the purpose. It is possible that the subject asked for a picture that indeed made her look like something from one of those games like Second Life, and if that was the case then maybe this was the best the photographer could do. I always wish I knew the circumstances

  11. Jeffssis


  12. Jeffssis

    OOOps my OMG comment was meant for the lady with the roses in her butt crack. Clicked on the wrong comment button. This one is bad but not THAT bad. 🙂

  13. Way too much retouching. You maybe able to pass it off as digtial art, but certainly not as a photograph. The removal of skin texture and the “painting” on of facial details has resulted in an image that lacks character and personality when it comes to a portrait.

  14. justme

    When you have to photoshop shadows back in… you know it’s time to quit.

  15. The caption is hilarious.

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