Evil Easter

I’m intimidated by this baby.

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  1. This could have been a good image if it wasn’t for the bad colour post processing. They have done the right thing by placing the subject in the shade, but I feel they could have lowered their view point and eliminated some of the distractions in the background (ie. the blown out high lights and tree stumps) by reframing from lowering the depth of field.

  2. The focus is bad, the colour is bad, but if either of those were remedied it would be a relatively good shot, but not one that the normal person couldn’t take with their own phone. This does nothing for a really cute baby, when the opportunity to really feature that pretty face and eyes, and dressed so fancy is a real shame.

  3. alexandros_ch

    “The Ring”!!!

  4. mrrabbit2502

    I can’t figure out which color blog to focus on!?!

  5. This is your depression in baby form.

  6. justme

    What is with people selectively coloring in a baby’s clothes, and leaving the baby gray?! I’m in a generous mood, so I’ll say that if they had only colored in the eggs and left it at that, it might be an okay photo. But why do fauxtogs think people want images of their babies as zombies? “Oh, that’s a nice sweater, it should definitely be the focal point–I’m so creative!”

  7. Other than the terrible coloring, bad perspective, and a little noise, it’s not terrible, but not great… sometimes babies just look angry.

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