The Corpse Bridal Party

Its really awesome how the selective coloring in this beautiful wedding pic makes everyone look dead!

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  1. andrea

    I think I’m more disturbed by the sandals and socks than the coloring.

    • I know, right? That speaks so much to whom they had do the photography . . . Cuzzin Joe or something.

  2. Renee

    Socks with sandals.

  3. Steph

    I especially love the whole “blurry snarl with inanimate object in hand” pose on the right.

  4. You have GOT to be kidding me. The FAUX-tographer messes just keeping getting worse and worse. This is quite possibly the single most horrendous piece of wedding photo disaster that I have ever seen. HORRIBLE!!!

  5. jaime

    Am wondering why the one girl doesn’t seem to even realize there is a photography session taking place. Seriously, in this day and age with the amazing convenience of not using actual film and being able to snap off virtually unlimited shots I can believe they even chose a picture with a subject blurred by movement, holding up a phone ( or cigarettes?) , and eyes shut!

  6. Henny

    i love the purple stained dress on the right.

    • Janet

      That’s what she gets for washing the bride’s maid’s dress with the white clothing. I bet her underwear is pink, too!

  7. Linda

    what is with the socks and sandals!

  8. Sarah Knoke

    Bad picture made worse.

  9. Amanda

    At least they classed it up with the white vignette! Definitely a showpiece to display!

  10. Even low class would be some class. This is no class.

  11. If you look at it long enough it actually makes you feel queasy

  12. Oh my god! This is so terrible that i don’t have words for it !!!

  13. Siobhan

    The litter bin in the background is also a nice touch, lol.

  14. Beckie

    My 9 yr old could do better than this! LOL

  15. Tricia

    Nothing better than a garbage can and a fire extinguisher in the background. Very classy socks and sandals.. lol

  16. Yeah i noticed that my selfe, and the girl with the socks and sandals!
    Whaat did the photographer think about here? Is he high or somthing???

  17. Someone needs to leave the hue slider alone I think.

  18. Derek

    And of course, the ultimate finishing touch – the white vignette. Still haven’t seen one of those that looked good.

    • oh you are so right, the rest is so horrible, that i missed that untill your comment!

  19. Janet

    The trash bag in the left background is a nice touch, too….

  20. Kelli

    This can not seriously be someone claiming to be a professional!

    • yes it is, i know them and here’s a latest quote

      “we still believe we are the cheapest photographers out there.
      Our new prices reflect the quality of work we do”

  21. Orlando

    Maybe they are just huge Walking Dead fans??

  22. Isabel

    There is a LOT of things wrong with this photo, but its all been said. I want to comment on something totally different. I’ve been saying over and over that we need to teach our kids to NOT be on their cell phones 24/7. Everytime my husband and I go out (we people watch) families are all out to eat or a movie, and the kids aren’t talking or participating in the fun, they are just on their little phones. I just think its hilarious that this kid can’t even take a wedding photo without putting down her phone, how sad is that. Parents…get with it.

    • FalconGTHO

      This (erroneously) presumes two parents to beign wuth. As should be well known, in THIS day and age its always most commonly a knock up, single momma.

      • Isabel

        Um…what? Single moms and dads weren’t even mentioned in my comment. The last sentence “parents get with it” was referring all the parents in the world. Not the plural mention of “parents” of that particular girl, or whatever child that needs to put down the phone.

  23. Tyler

    Thank god for cell phones. Now I don’t have to listen to adolescent children at restaurants, malls, schools, movies. And now when I go to the bar, I can still be surrounded by people, but I don’t actually have to care about them and I can avoid conversation. Power to technology.

    • Isabel

      You do have a point…its nice some of them are distracted. But I still get earfuls of screaming brats when I’m out at restaurants. But I still think cell phones are “dumbing down” our children. Oh well, let the rest of the world do that if they want. My kids aren’t allowed to have them until they are old enough. If I grew up without them, so can they.

  24. There are no words.

  25. NicCole

    The girl on the left is adorable (minus the dead look) while the bride just looks like “what, come at me?” about her shot. Aren’t brides supposed to look happy? Think it’s a shotgun wedding? Awful, awful, awful photo.

    • I’m surprised you’re the only one to mention the “I will eat your heart” look on the bride’s face. I mean, the blurry cell phone, the selective coloring, the white vignette, the location, the extra stuff in the background are all bad, but the people in the photo are just…awful, too. They all look like they’d much rather be somewhere else. And I’m completely creeped out at the way the bride has her toes curled in her sandals. In fact, I wish she too were wearing socks, lol.

  26. heather renee

    socks and sandals! love it!!

  27. This is not the work of a Fauxtog…it’s the work of a NO-tog.

  28. Sumer Solstyce

    Was the bride caught in a rain storm? Her hair looks like she just got out of bed!

  29. I would be ashamed to show this to a client for a wedding picture!

  30. Hailey

    This honestly seems like an “Uncle Bob” photog moment. For the one child to have her cellphone out it seems that it may be a candid or they just got done posing for another photog. Also for the fauxtog to go through all this amazing editing and not place a gaudy watermark is not the usual M-O. Just another photo on here that may not be from someone’s portfolio. And c’mon people…yes they are wearing socks and sandals but they’re just kids. SMH

  31. OMG OMG OMG OMG thats all i can say! lol just OMFG

  32. James

    Dear God I think that’s the worst selective coloring I’ve ever seen.

  33. kathryn

    As a photographer, shouldn’t you suggest that people might want to do a little touch-up before we start taking photos? A hairbrush would have gone a loooonnggg way here.

  34. I think it’s just a really sad photo- they obviously don’t have money, so it kind of seems shameful to knock the wedding photo.

  35. Victoria

    The selective colouring wasn’t done in post-production- it’s a function on some point and shoot cameras! You set the camera to pick up only one particular colour in the shot, and it will pick up ONLY everything with hints of that colour (hence the stain on the dress on the right and the dead look). The pic was taken with a point and shoot, LOL!

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