Disembodied Baby Arm

Why did they have to make it appear like Thing’s slightly more endowed twin is holding up this baby in what appears to be a rather uncomfortable fashion?  Perhaps they were trying to make it look like a scene from Addams Family Values?

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  1. So many dead baby jokes just went through my mind.

  2. Never mind the arm! The poor kidlet looks purple!

  3. Kelli

    Clearly they took no time to set up this shot since the baby’s face isn’t even looking AT the camera.
    The whole arm with no body just looks dumb because how is an arm supposed to hold a baby when it has to use the fingers to get around?!?! DUH! LOL

  4. They’ve made the baby look like a piece of meat, horrible, horrible, horrible

  5. Fauxtog tried to copy something they’d seen online or in a photography magazine…with absolutely no research into how to do it properly, appropriately, safely, or attractively. Then they slapped a logo on it and posted it. Nice work fauxtog…good luck with the clients who will actually book you from this photo.

  6. Every so often, when I’m feeling sour and jaundiced, I look at a photo from this site and am immediately purged.

    I do have a genuine question, which applies to this photo and to almost all of the other ones you show: why is the color ALWAYS washed out and looks like baby puke? Never clear colors, good skintones, etc. Are you folks gilding the lily by messing with the color, or are the fauxtogs doing it all themselves? The shot above has magenta / cyanotic skin tones, and despite the baby’s open eyes, I wonder if it’s dead.

    • ithurtswhenipee

      I am certain that yanap doesn’t need to ugly these images up. The fauxtogs are quite capable of setting their white balance to incandescent when they are using a flash.

  7. wow this is a horrible picture! what were they thinking!

  8. Angela

    I see dead babies.

  9. Snappy

    Another failed Photoshop hack. With some actual effort, this person could have shot a great picture IN THE CAMERA. I don’t understand how they got it to look so terrible.

    And yeah, it is creepy looking. Dead baby anyone on a dismembered arm anyone?

  10. Looks like they were trying to imitate these newborn pictures…


    And it’s not YANAP….the pictures really are this bad. I have seen the originals plenty of times to know. So many people just just autosettings. autofauxtogs..

  11. ……….aaaand, that’s how you deliver a baby.

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