Duck Meets Baby

And then this happened… ? Happy Easter

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  1. Unfortunately, nobody turned on the lights! Or is that duck really a bat?

  2. I guess the duck and the sweater are the stars of the show???

  3. Why is the baby not at least looking at the duck? He seems to be peering through the chair-back at whatever fell over behind the duck.

  4. Siobhan

    That chair has so much potential in the right hands.

  5. Wow! That shot could have been so nice without the duck and the unfortunate edit, and some effort to have the cute toddlers face visable…

    • I agree Kerry. Bad spot color job. They could have at least done that correctly.

  6. mrsdeeja

    Oh yes nothing better than carpet and old fake wood wall panels from the 80’s

  7. Tracked down her website. There’s one photo where a child is kissing the mother’s cheek – the saturation is bumped up so bad that the mom is bright red and the baby’s arm is purple! There’s a heavy vignette around it and she used to call herself (based on this photo) “Priceless Memories Photography”… of course she did. Of course. LOL.

  8. ah well – the comments on the photo are encouraging….so that’s good….I think. But the spot colouring on this (especially the error on baby’s back) is a bit garish – it’s not true black and white….it’s grey scale. Keep practicing! 🙂

  9. Melissa

    If you can find her FB page… I did, she charges $40 a session with CD, with “years of experience” Now that is freaky.

  10. Ok, I have been wondering if these are actually real or not. Well I managed to find this fauxtog’s page and website. Yes it really is that bad!!!! OMG.

  11. Oh dear god.! Makes me wanna shoot myself in the face !

  12. Heather

    Nailed It!!

  13. You probably should have blacked out the “with…” part of the FB post. Made it way to easy to find her…

    And FYI – the toddler is looking at the stuffed animal on the floor behind the duck…

  14. the poor child looks like he hit his head on the chair

  15. wow you guys would think youd have better things to do then this all day…its a lovely pic…and did u ever think maybe she does what the customer wants or edits it the way the customer wants?…not all pictures are perfect but to the people they are meant for they are…this is just precious…clearly its easter and maybe she shouldnt of done something more than the next thing but that doesnt mean its not good. and for the comment above when its experience ..maybe shes had the experience and just does it for a hobby so she does it for cheap…or maybe theres reasoning behind everything and you guys all on here are pathetic to bash someone elses work that obviously they are trying to establish but then the person just gets this bullshit…..GROW UP!…rediculous how cruel the world is really!!

    • A photographer

      This is not a ‘lovely pic’. It’s a travesty.
      The background and carpet are hideous. The selective colour is badly done and there’s absolutely no focal point other than the duck. It’s unflattering and poorly done.
      For anyone to take money for this sort of rubbish is exactly the reason why photography is devalued. If you think this is a ‘lovely pic’ and ‘just precious’ shows those of us who do produce excellent work, just how consumers can’t even tell what a ‘good’ photograph is any more. This is probably your child or you know the photographer, which is why you’re defending this travesty. There’s a reason behind everything? Yes, the reason is that the fauxtographer is terrible at her work.
      And it’s ‘ridiculous’.

    • Hobbyist

      The point of these are to call out those that claim to be “professional photographers” when they are clearly not. I am a very amateur photographer and even I can see everything bad in all of these photos. If they just took them and put them on their personal FB page, then yes, they could be considered “precious”. But when you put them on a FB site for a “business” and claim that you not only know what you’re doing, but that you actually pay taxes on that business and are giving people the quality they think they’re paying for, well that’s a whole other story. Yes, some parents ask for ridiculous things that no real professional would want to shoot, and yes you do it anyways to make the customer happy, but even those shots are in focus, properly exposed, have proper composition, and definitely have correct post editing. These photos/sites are just a mockery to the real professionals and these people should be ashamed!

    • A real photographer

      This is a joke right, Nikki? There is nothing good about this photo. The lighting is awful, the photo is blurry, the set-up makes no sense (what is the baby looking at?) and the spot colouring looks like it was done by an infant. The photo can only have been done by someone who has no idea what they’re doing but what makes it really worthy of this site, is even though the “photographer” has clearly never made an effort to learn the craft, she is actually posing as a professional and charging for this garbage. There is NOTHING good about this photo at all. If she wants to take pics like this and put it on her personal Facebook fine, but to try and pass it off as a professional job is laughable, as well as insulting to myself and others who have spent time actually working on the skills you require to be a professional.
      IF a client wants something this awful you politely explain why it would terrible and come up with an alternative. If the customer REALLY wanted a photo set up like this, then ok you take it, but you take it IN focus, WITH lighting, and then if you absolutely MUST do the hideous spot colouring, you do it right.
      How anyone can think this is good in any way, is baffling.

      • It’s ok to tell the customer no if they want you to do this tacky stuff.

    • Seriously???????

      Take another look at the photo, but this time back up 5-10 feet.

      You’ll then realize this is a photo of a headless baby next to a duck.

  16. Lizzard

    To Nikki:
    Did the customer ask for a picture of a stuffed animal? Did they specifically ask for a sloppy (and unnecessary) spot color job? I also am a hobbyist and I’m also pretty sure I have more “experience” than this lady, but I certainly do not have the nerve to actually charge people and put myself out there as a “professional”.

  17. what is up with the dirtyass baseboard and that shagged out carpet? it’s in B/W to draw less attention that it looks like an abandoned home they used for the shoot

  18. At least the duck isn’t doing something to the baby.

  19. Would be such a much better picture of the sweater and stuffed duck if that stupid baby wasn’t in there. >.< Rolleyes.

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