American Zombie

A perfect shot for a modeling portfolio, obviously it’s not edited at all!

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  1. Funny, my eyes did the same thing after I looked at this photo.

  2. Looks like one of the zombie strippers off the movie Zombieland ROFLMAO

  3. …waste of a perfectly good model.

  4. What the hell?!? Even as an amateur/hobbyist I couldn’t mess this up that bad.

  5. Sure this isn’t an ad for VISINE?

    • I love how it says that she does the following genres:
      Fit Modeling
      Performance Artist
      Promotional Modeling

  6. Siobhan

    Oh dear god!! Will someone please delete ‘Portrait Professional’ from that fauxtogs computer, lol.

  7. kimbilina

    YIKES………and holy cow……im going to have nightmares


  9. I’m so confused at what happened here

  10. pixelmunkie

    thankfully it’s copyrighted – a fashion mag may have been tempted to snarch that!

  11. ‘Oh please Fauxtog, make me look like a wax figure and my eyes look really creepy as I stare up into space – and don’t forget to make my girls look like they’re made of wax too!!!!’

    Good lord.

    • i have a feeling she chose contact lenses in that color. i could be wrong though, i never owned that kind.

  12. Biff Sweldon

    That’s one way to say “HEY, My eyes are up here!”. It worked, I looked away from the main subjects.

  13. Wooooha – what happened there? And why? And what is going on with the eyebrows?

    And people – you don’t have to put your helpless victims with their backs against the wall/backdrop.

  14. Looks like someone just got his first copy of Portrait Fauxpressional 101. Apparently you just move all those little slider bars to the right to make great shots, right?

    The sad part is that the model is gorgeous and got stuck with this rookie shooter. I’d love to work with a subject like this girl to show her her true potential.

  15. I’m sorry I’m too busy looking at her boobs to look at how horrible this photo is.

  16. Jon Murphy

    She has eyes??

    Oh, right, up there…..

  17. I think I had a doll with eyes like that back in the 1970s. Her eyes would close whenever I laid her down and open when I stood her up….

  18. Mathieu Perry

    Perfect lens choice! I like a woman with an upper arm the same size as her head and twice as big as her ta-ta’s. Nice shout out to the military. Bravo! Bravo!

  19. i…can’t…look…away…

  20. skynigurl

    Shit, that is scary!

  21. Holy shit balls! That terrified me! From pretty girl to brain eating zombie in a slider bar.

  22. Anyone noticed the poor masking on her lower arm? Too distracted?
    Could have been a nice shot…one stop down would have been better….and of course less use of gaussian filters…and better positioning…

  23. I’d hit it…

  24. She makes me want to motorboat her.

  25. Yo Momma

    What eyes…..she got eyes…can’t see em , past the chestages .

  26. OMFG –

    I am scared to say anything negative. I feel she may reach though the monitor and rip my fingers off.

  27. Dude, what the hell… This reminds me of something on Photoshop Disasters, the image of Paula Deen as a horrifying doll on the cover of a magazine. The worst of it was that it linked to a series of photos of child pageant stars that made Paula look human and natural. Their eyes were worse than these girl’s. I was *actually* frightened and offended by it. It wasn’t just funny. I had to hit the back button. It was an uncanny valley of horror movie proportions. And people keep creating these disasters, that’s the thing–it’s not just one person. It’s like a “thing.” A nightmarish thing. I strongly suggest these people look up the term “uncanny valley” and the phenomenon of it, including why images like these actually disturb and frighten people. Folks, there’s “touching up” an image and then there’s…turning a pretty teenage (?) girl into a monster. This *isn’t* the former.

  28. NicCole

    *laughs* I read it as Abercrombie Zombie and thought it looked about right. But damn, that’s just AWFUL. And it hurts my eyes.

  29. Are ya freaking kidding me here??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.

  30. Pero bonito escote ¿no?

  31. Wsroadrunner

    Well, seeing as how it’s a photo on a modelling site, I would have to say that it’s likely a concept shot. Not really that well done, but the model chose to put it on her page.

    Bad show.

  32. I notice that the people running this site never show their own work, why is that? Is it really that bad that you are afraid to show us?

    • I doubt the people actually “running” the site are photographers. they are probably just web developer entrepreneurs. however, we commenters can add our site which is linked through our name… Im not afraid to link my site! 🙂

    • Angry Fauxtog? Were you featured here? Link?

      • click my name… third eye view it will bring you to my mm account. here ill make it simple for you,

  33. As an Australian, we hang our flag a number of places.. we have little ones attached to cars, we use them as capes.. we are quite a patriotic bunch, but I’ve never seen any aussie so patrioctic that they would use it as a backdrop for a “pro” photoshoot. This is something I will never understand. I am sure a flag would have it’s place in a shoot concerning an army family or whatnot.. but what does it have to do with an over edited girlie with massive boobies?

  34. I don’t see what the problem is. But then, I liked the movie Zombie Strippers and own the Bluray…

  35. FalconGTHO

    Truly laughed out LOUDly at this for several moments. But, underneath all that “retouching” that chicks hot.

  36. Uh.. what is it with bad photography in MO?

    I don’t think it is the same, but “Ambers Photography” on FB in St. Lawson has some great ‘selective color’, flash burn, and unique implementation of posing choices.

  37. I’d do her. Zombie-ness and all.

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