Money Shot

I hope they cleaned that money first… And that they didn’t have to pay that much for this photo session!

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  1. I’m sorry but this baby looks like it is deceased.

    • it’s probably the lack of color. and the incredible amount of germs on the bills

  2. Another dead baby? Is that a new filter? “dead baby skin action” as opposed to “yellow skin action” – and why the heck is there money in this photo? Do people think? At all????

  3. It’s the 1 random $50 note in the shot that ruins it…..

  4. WTF- I mean honestly. The money is bad enough and makes NO sense… but the BW baby surrounded by the cash is strange as well… This would be a MAJOR fail!

  5. Derpface

    This picture speaks to me… it says “I have enough money to buy a dead baby” 🙁

  6. $100 notes? I rarely ever see them these days. If they have that many, rather them throwing them at the baby, perhaps spend them on a photography course?

  7. What kind of Monopoly money is that?

  8. NicCole

    I hope the kid peed. That would teach them to do this kind of awful idea.

  9. Australian. Yep.

  10. I’m sad today that I’m Australian 🙁

    • I was thinking the same thing when I saw the currency. lol

    • Meatgasm

      Im sad that I could have had a better use for that money, yet some bogan thinks theyre good baby clothes

  11. Haha i forwarded this through. Yes this is some of my local competition. They call this the money shot. I call it the money shit. blah.

  12. aswicks

    And once again we see the greater importance placed on inanimate objects than on the people in the photo. This seems to be a recurring theme in many of the photos posted here.

  13. Jessica

    Am I the only person who thinks of black market when I see this pic? like its an ad for a baby for sale?!

  14. AbsyntheGreene

    And remember folks, it’s never too early to teach blatant materialism!

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