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    July 2012 Page 1 of 3

    sandy shoes

    Sandy Shoes

    At least she appears to be enjoying herself?

    sun was out

    The Sun Was Out

    We like how nice the commenter is about trying to tell this fauxtog that this photo is horrible. Obviously the fauxtog missed the message.

    is he peeing

    Pee Break

    Baby bump photo shoot aside, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go… So why not snap a picture of it?


    The Power Of Black And White

    “Never underestimate the power of black and white photos.  It turns the normal, everyday experiences to lovely memories.” … Yep, we will always remember this lovely hairy leg,…

    floaty head

    Pond Head

    This is just creepy… and bad!

    she's a trooper

    She’s A Trooper

    At least with those goggles on they somewhat conceal her identity!

    messed up christmas

    A Not So Merry Christmas

    We’re confused, did Santa do this as a gift to their parents or is this some kind of fauxtog ransom note?

    whats it eating

    Fauxtography Fairy

    Fauxtogs beware! If there are too many poor quality photos in your portfolio, this adorable little terror will show up and eat (what appears to be) your heart!

    yes you do

    No You Don’t!

      From this wonderful example of what the Photography Learning Center has to offer, we’d have to say, YES YOU DO!