The Power Of Black And White

“Never underestimate the power of black and white photos.  It turns the normal, everyday experiences to lovely memories.” … Yep, we will always remember this lovely hairy leg, thank you!

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  1. WTF

  2. this lovely hairy leg….. on a teenage girl. someone needs to teach her to shave that s***

    • rebelipar

      Why you gotta be so trichonormative?

    • that is NOT a teenage girl. she’s probably 10 at most.

    • Canaduck

      How about you mind your own business rather than policing women’s (or in this case, little girls’) bodies?

    • usehername

      First of all Shaun, its not your body so don’t worry about it. Secondly, women ( in this case a young girl) were not put on this earth to conform to what you deem acceptable. Don’t like hairy legs? Great, go shave yours then and stop being such a sexist douche while you at it. K thanks. 🙂

    • Stfu, its hot, i want to rub my dick on those sexy hairy legs of her <3…

  3. How could anyone put a logo on this and post it online for people (possibly even the “model”) to see?

  4. BurninBiomass

    This might work as a “before” image for a Nair ad.

    • usehername

      Or, as someone said before me, we should stop policing womens (or in this case a young girls) body’s and bullying them into doing something perhaps they don’t want to do. If men hate hairy legs so much then perhaps you guys should start shaving.

  5. TollTollPhotography

    Is it a girl or boy? Can’t tell.

  6. Look, Ma!

  7. Not to mention all the bruises . . . . . maybe a battered child ad campaign?

  8. Pelham

    What, the fauxtog couldn’t find another subject to use for b/w?! Yet another delusional soul who thinks b/w is the magic fairy dust of the photo world. *sigh*….

    Everyone, there is one, and only one, absolutely foolproof way to improve a bad photo. And it isn’t spot colour, over-saturation, b/w, crazy borders, Bleeding Cowboy watermarks, or any version of PS or any other pp program. You can do it painlessly in-camera at any given time…and the name of this magickal feature which all cameras have built in?

    It’s called the Delete button. Poof! Makes crappy photos disappear!!! 🙂

  9. but its so cool how the background is blurred out!! thats so professional! idk how they do it, ive been trying to do that for years… and the black and white is so well done. yalls are just jealous of this artists work!

    i kid i kid its horrible

    • Pelham

      You can get the same result, just shoot wide open after focusing on a hairy limb or two. But seriously, fauxtogs, just because you can take thousands of pics doesn’t mean that they’re all keepers or have to be posted online.

      Over this past weekend I shot around 1300 images at a rodeo. I’ve winnowed it down to 194 that I feel are worth working on in PS and of those, 80 or so will end up getting posted online.

      • I remember reading about a National Geographic film photographer who said that they took about 5000 pictures on an assignment to get the ten or so pictures that was used in the article.

      • Sounds like me when I shoot at a salsa party… Using Lightroom instead of PS but hey,,,

  10. I have taught digital photography course, and worked in a photo lab for a number of years, and I was always amazed that people would think that shooting bw was a easy way to take quality photographs. I believe that it takes more thought and prep to get a quality bw photo.

  11. Pelham

    Not surprised at all that NG would have such a high ratio of pix taken to pix published…and just used PS as the generic name for pp programs, you don’t usually hear of a pic being Lightroomed or Picasa’d to death! I believe PS is the oldest of them all.

    It’s a lot harder to get a good shot in b/w though of course it can be done, but you have to be aware of the tonality of the colours, lines, forms, density of blacks etc to do it well. Usually I just shoot in colour and pp the image as I would normally, then desat (the whole image) last thing. If it looks good, I keep it in b/w.

  12. Just looks like a photograph some person would take if they just got a new camera and just figured out about blurring the background

  13. anyone noticed the bruises on the legs?

  14. usehername

    Hair on a women legs is no different than hair on a man legs except that society tells us one icky and one is normal.
    As for the bruises, that what happens when your a kid and you play rough outside, then you grow up to be a self conscience teenage girl because of assholes who worry more about your body than their own
    People. Stop being sheeple.
    Men. If you don’t like hairy legs. Fine. Go shave.
    Women. Stop being such cunts to each other.
    Peace out, I’m off to burn some bras.

  15. Andreas Bergmann

    So, I thought this was a place for people to laugh about bad photography, not spam their ridiculous heteronormative gender-role bs forth. I mean, come the f*ck on, we’re at a point where we’re not just going “I think it is more attractive with smooth skin so thats what I’m attracted to”, we’re actually telling kids to shave that sh*t? give me a damn break. On the other hand, not shaving might be an excellent repellent towards a**hats who seem to think that they should shame anyone who doesn’t conform to their 20’s inspired views on how men and women should be. Imma recommend not shaving to all my female friends! Actually no, I think I might just let them decide for themselves, maybe y’all should do the same?

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