She’s A Trooper

At least with those goggles on they somewhat conceal her identity!

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  1. cannot. unsee.

  2. Billiam

    Sweet merciful crap!

  3. Jilly Jay

    Holy crap…WHY????

  4. How, why….? Are these people blind?

  5. Seriously?!?!? Crotch shots are NEVER sexy!

    • Kookie

      It’s not that Crotch shots are NEVER sexy. It’s sexy when it’s done right. This, however, hurts my eyes.

  6. foto_johnyoc

    The blind shooting the blind…………but it is centered!

  7. This one really should have come with a warning…..

    • Yeah like this…
      Warning: do NOT look at this photo, it may just cause your eyes to burn up in their sockets and scar them for life.

  8. im sure her loved 1 will love it

  9. I just vomited a bit inside my mouth.

  10. i especially like the bright green container leaning against the ammo box. somebody was digging thru a junk box and said to themselves…’well this looks greenish and kinda soldiery – add it to the shot!’

  11. oh……no…..the humanity!

  12. Alexis

    My boyfriend just looked over my shoulder at this and said, ‘Please tell me that’s a joke.’ God, if only…

  13. dana_wana

    Dear God in heaven! WHY!? WHY DID SOMEONE DO THIS?

    Do you think they had to darken the genital area there where you’d clearly see genitals? More importantly, do you think they’d know how.

    I think i’d be furious with the background choice ALONE.

    Next, a lesson in “appropriate images for facebook”. This one is not.

    A+ for composition though. Really creative.

    • I don’t care if they darkened the crotch area, but I now hate you for making me look.

      No, really. That was just mean.

    • Kookie

      I don’t think the set is creative. In fact, I can find photographers [professionals] who have a MUCH better creativity. Computationally, it’s alright. I’d give it a C+

  14. This is burned into my retinas forever.

  15. Seriously????

  16. YouGetWhatYouPay4

    Let this be a lesson to people who wont hire real talent. To the budding Photographers, I understand that you have to start somewhere but please refrain from posting awkward shots of your subjects

    • Kookie

      I thought I was bad when I first started… lol

      • Kookie

        But people like these things… so what can we do about that? It’s really sad =[ Makes me want to cry TT_TT

  17. Faith Simbeck

    for the love of grilled cheezus…i should NOT have clicked the link for this one! excuse me while I go outside for a minute and hork!

  18. Annabel

    Oh sweet baby Jesus!

  19. StunnedInsensitive

    You body shaming commentators can FOAD about this lady. Most people do not have a perfect body and clearly she’s proud and confident, and this was likely a pic for a loved one.

    Granted, should not be posted on facebook or in a portfolio. Not a great piece of art, but not as horrific as some (ie Plastic Baby). She’s okay lit, in focus, and not spot-coloured. It’s better than that mess of a Fluffy hat boudoir photo!

    • Pelham

      First off, I don’t see anyone slagging off at the lady for her size, but the pose is absolutely horrendous and does nothing to flatter her body.

      But the ‘proud and confident’ stuff…wtf?! Look at her mouth, look at how tightly her lips are clamped together!! SHE IS GRIMACING!!! Poor girl is probably wondering how she got talked into this mess.

      And c’mon, if you’re a big girl and the fauxtog (whom you trust enough to wear only your skivvies in front of, and allow them to pose you cause they’re *supposed* to know what they’re doing) poses you so your neck looks 2 inches long, and your legs are spread to the camera, and the angle will probably make your legs look a little bigger…yeah. Makes for a very, very, unhappy-looking model whom I sure as crap hope got her $$ back.

      • Kookie

        I agree with you Pelham. People want to feel flattered when they look at a photograph of themselves posing pin ups or boudoir photos. They don’t want to see themselves looking uncomfortable and unflattering. I hope she gets her $$ back too. She doesn’t deserve to have a photo of herself looking like that. AND I’m sure she’s a gorgeous lady. This doesn’t make her look gorgeous.

    • Frankie

      This is not a photo, it’s a disaster. This is not about the person in the photo, it is about somebody taking a crappy photo then passing it off as professional.

    • Wsroadrunner

      It’s a horrible photo… bad taste on the part of the fauxtog and the person in the photo…. period.

    • There’s more to a good photo than lighting, focus and not spot colouring. If a photographer is providing the client with “pin up portraits,” surely the client should be able to trust the photographer to make them look sexy and comfortable. This is grotesque, it is not sexy or flattering or in anyway “pin up” it’s hideous, and the fact that it’s like that has nothing to do with the subjects body, it’s all because of the hideous posing.. and the weird backdrop, props and costume don’t help either.. nothing to do with the poor woman.

  20. See, I was under the impression that this was a US Government photograph used in the torturing of enemy combatants. This would be about 1000x better than waterboarding.

    ‘Hussein, see this? THIS is your VIRGIN that’s waiting for you! Now TELL US EVERYTHING!’

    Can open, worms everywhere…………

  21. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    Goddammit, I was eating when I opened this. Eff you, YANAP. Eff you.

  22. BurninBiomass

    1, is she wearing a blindfold and 2, if so can I borrow it.

  23. Just embarrassing!

  24. robert

    At least the subject is a grown, mature woman who (supposedly) has agreed to this shot.
    Didn’t come out too well, but… live with the consequences. (Like the photographer posting the image on facebook.)

    • Canaduck

      I still feel sorry for the poor woman. What a creepy, wretched shot.

  25. My eyes are bleeding !!!!!!!

  26. Wow. Just Oozes… Oozes… Well Something. Not Sex Anyways…

  27. that’s the reason why I’m gay!

  28. Chuck in a grenade I reckon.

  29. She was a real pin up girl back in the 50’s

  30. Why did the fauxtogs think military look and hippy tie dyed backdrop would go together? Not that it’s the worst part of the photo, but made me wonder nonetheless.

  31. Pass me the eye bleach, STAT. PLEASE. EFFING STAT.

  32. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! For the love of God, NO! No, No, No! Shooting straight up her crotch??? WTF was this fauxtog thinking?

  33. Alright, so I am going to have you hike your leg up and spread eagle…
    Terrible pose.

  34. let’s assume for a second that the client (assuming the subject is the client) wanted this pose – and look… WHY IN THE HECK WOULD YOU POST THIS AS AN EXAMPLE OF YOUR WORK???

    There is not a rule that you have to post every photo from every session on facebook people. Really, I checked – it’s not there.

  35. The pose and composition are both horrible and aside from the fact that she is in a uniform do not look anything like a traditional pinup. And I agree with an earlier comment that she does not look at ease or confident at all.

    As for the funky backdrop, I have seen pros use such backdrops…but I’ve not yet seen one in purpoe. Most are blue-ish or grey and not placed right behind the subject all wrinkly like that. I suppose the mottled pattern is meant to be out of focus enough to make the background less monotonous without making it “busy”.

  36. NicCole

    I like those boots. That’s it.

  37. Patricia

    Oh my word….this is just obscene on so many levels…. The posing is just so wrong and frightful… The goggles are creepy and strange…. Her cellulite is just all out there…. I can’t look at it anymore! 🙁

  38. Gal with a Camera

    OH MY WORD! When I scrolled down and saw this, I almost puked. This is DISGUSTING! I’m not lying… but I wash I was!! :/

  39. Wsroadrunner

    What a craptastic shot! It will work great in helping to promote celibacy

  40. Love this page

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  41. Hey, babe you’re the perfect type of model to throw in a two piece. Spread ’em! I’ll make sure lighting makes your legs look as veiny and pasty as possible. Oh, you’re gonna make me a celebrity!!

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