Sandy Shoes

At least she appears to be enjoying herself?

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  1. Um….I guess I’m thankful she isn’t wearing a skirt……

  2. Nice backdrop for a crotch shot.

  3. Angela

    Is this the same fauxtog as the military one? It’s the same awful pose … no way two people could use it.

    Is there?


  4. she’s enjoying herself, and it looks like she is welcoming everyone else to “enjoy” her too.

  5. Faith Simbeck

    Jesus H Christ!!!!!!!!!!

  6. …This Beach smells kinda Fishy.

  7. Different pose, no shoes (and no selective color!!) and it could’ve been a decent pic. It’s a shame when there is so much potential and its ruined in such a huge way!

  8. Shutterbug Doug

    The Fautog couldn’t level the shot because then he would crop part of the shoe out. It’s hard enough to walk on a sandy beach but imagine trying it when the heels dig in like a tent stake. Carry the shoes…and the fail continues.

  9. Annabel

    Skin smoothing much?

    Wonky horizons… my bête noire.

  10. FoilGamma

    Wow, it worth looking twice.

  11. The shoes are definitely not the biggest problem with this picture!

  12. Gal with a Camera

    NO!! Not ANOTHER crotch-shot!!!!!!!! Doesn’t the fauxtography world have enough of those already??!
    I’m afraid to see what will come next… o_O

  13. Sepia color selection? Wow, that’s.. Innovative. Really brings out the camel toe in this shot. Truly. I just barfed.

  14. OMFG…really? Who in their right minds would think these crotch shots look good?

  15. I’m sure theres a market out there somewhere for these type of shots.

  16. eeevooo

    frog postion

  17. OOOOOOOOOOH! This fauxtogorapher has really pushed the boundaries of … well … not art but uhm … of FAUXtography I guess. I mean Sepia, crotch shot, with poorly posed legs and color spotted (purple on sepia) shoes .. the man/woman is a genius of fauxtography.

  18. such a shame! the model would have been really beautiful and the landscape/lighting is easy to work with. Beyond the hideous crotch shot and fake sepia/purple toes toning….her body is so awkward – she looks like a crab coming out of the water.
    The only way to save this photo is to return to the original color and crop right down to her shoulders and head – beautiful portrait.

    • ”a crab coming out of the water” I just cried I laughed so hard!

  19. wait, wut

    i think i can see what she had for lunch

  20. Photog: Now spread those legs wide.
    Girl: Are you sure this is tasteful? You said these were gonna be tasteful..
    Photog: Don’t worry. My selective color edit and garish use of sepia in photoshop will make it look fantastic.
    Girl: (Smiling, thinking to herself, “I think I got ripped off”)

  21. TollTollPhotography

    If taken from above, it wouldn’t be bad, but STRAIGHT ON with le’crotch in your face, not so much.

    It’s really too bad, her face/smile/personality in this shot seems like she’d be fun to work with.


  22. this confuses me!

  23. Maryah13

    salvaged it!!!! lol, well as well as could be with what was given lol


  24. Wsroadrunner

    I thought the beach had a different type of crab?

    This is absolutely horrible. Someone needs to use that camera to beat the fauxtog with.

  25. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

    The truly sad thing is that, horrible pose aside, this is essentially a good pic. It’s the pose and the pp and yeah, the unlevel horizon, that kill it stone dead. *sigh*

  26. Why is their a slight halo around her head? Pseudo-HDR miiight be the culprit, but there’s something about the lighting that makes me wonder if that poor model has ever been anywhere near that particular beach.

  27. Wsroadrunner

    Actually, single image HDR is good if it’s done right… but nothing about this is done right. LOL

  28. dana_wana

    Attention: Even the thinnest, most beautiful women in the world do not look good with their legs spread open. Also, please stop cutting off pieces of people’s body (hands, feet, etc). I wanna see all of that shoe, or none of it.

  29. Why would someone INTENTIONALLY make a pretty woman look like a potato?

  30. OMG!!! WHYYYY! i’m in shock! (((O.O)))

  31. Marie-M P

    OMG, this is the view that you DON’T want to see!!! 0.o

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