Weird Mouth Baby

What is with that mouth?! Is that thing Photoshopped on or just edited beyond recognition?

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  1. teef no teef?

  2. The worst part? It could possibly be an okay picture, but that is just awful!

  3. Why do so many people think it is cute and a good idea to put babies in buckets, barrels, etc.!? It is ridiculous! Also ridiculous is the desire to force the child to wear these awful flower hats/headbands.

    Terrible photo. Poor child has a fish mouth.

    • “Why do so many people think it is cute and a good idea to put babies in buckets”? to invoke KFC, of course. Baby, the other, other white meat.

  4. speakingofamethyst

    Wow, this photographer has all the latest props. I can’t understand what went wrong? Hmpf.

  5. Lalalalaaaaa

    Terrible angle, terrible light (on camera flash) and terrible Photoshopping. I think I’ll be a “pro”, if these people are getting paid…

  6. It looks like the apple has had some work done too…

    • And so has one of the “boards” in the vinyl floordrop slah backdrop. Hiding the bad shadow?

    • Yup, someone needs to learn how to properly use the clone tool! 😉

      • Or how to work with a camera’s flash. The bad shadow could have been avoided altogether.

      • OMG, you mean a flash can be bounced?! 😉 Even if they were stuck having to use the onboard flash they still could have used a reflector.

        Or better yet, get a mini-wide slave. They cost all of $35, go off of 2 AAs, will slave to any flash or can be fired manually. Easy to snood and virtually indestructible – gawd knows how many times I’ve dropped mine.

        Otherwise, yeah, this image is the usual plain ol crap.

  7. why would you smooth a baby’s skin like that? and is the backdrop really a piece of wood or a print. I cannot understand why some fauxtogs think that ALL photos must be published…edit and discard the ones that don’t work! Only publish your best work. Compared to most photos on this site, this one could have some potential but İ feel like this fauxtog really wasn’t the primary photographer…why would s/he stand to the side and get this angle with the baby looking in the other direction? reminds me of the wedding snaps guests do standing next to the paid professional – similar posing but the eyes are looking at the pro.

  8. Yeah. Right. That’s bad…

  9. well, it’s never too early to make a girl feel like her natural looks are terrible and all photos of her must be edited. Good job fauxtog/parents!

  10. no one special

    This is the result of someone photoshoping an instagram portrait

  11. monolith

    Renesmee was never accused of being photogenic.

  12. Annoying orange has procreated?! D:

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