Creepy Little Fauxtog

Yep that’s the Fauxtographer on the ladder… and yep this gave us nightmares!

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  1. Ashley Taylor


  2. Midget porn: you’re doing it wrong.

  3. Wonderfaux


  4. what is he doing giving her a wedgie?

  5. the dumbest thing ever!

  6. and one ladder leg in shorter. he is going to fall and we all can just imagine where the umbrella is going to end up!

  7. monolith

    Little man syndrome, capped clumsily with a woeful lack of talent, style and vision. And tact.

  8. this makes you worry about how photographer’s are going to use your images! I’m sure she didn’t know this was gonna be her final result!

    • she herself needs to take it easy on the make up, and it’s not a flattering pose. But there’s no flattering, and there’s what a previous comment suggested, midget porn. good grief

      • OMFG OMFG OMFG…..I remember the bad ol’ days when photographers who shot models had the rep, unjust or just, of being creepy hornazoids who liked telling girls to undress and/or pose provocatively. That kinda faded off for a bit, as more women got into the biz, but now obviously Asshole Fauxtog (what better name to call him?) is doing his best to resurrect that lame 70s-80s era of sheer exploitation.

        As for the model and her makeup….lay off. I used to be a model and I sure as hell got a lot of shots taken for my port. You can’t do subtle makeup unless you’re doing fresh-faced girl next door stuff. She was probably told to be ready to do glamourous portraits in her swimsuit, and I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that her bod is way better than yours.

        Furthermore, at least she is NOT exposing a) cleavage or b) hootch/cameltoe, as has been done all too often on this site

        This is all the fauxtog’s mess, not hers. And check out the bad tan and Steven Segal hair….sure sign of a sleazy fauxtog if there ever was one 😉

      • So Pelham that’s not a bare butt and side boob hanging out there? Looks to me like the top of her suit just barely covers her nipples. I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under but I have seen more than my share of photographers who got into the business just to get laid or take pictures of naked girls for the past 20 years. And I would really like to know when a bad tan and bad hair automatically make you a sleazy Fauxtog? Quit judging people on their appearances and get back to the subject.. this abomination of a photograph.

  9. Oh my gosh! I have no words!

  10. Yuk. Just yuk.

  11. deltamom

    um no.

  12. The model knew what she was getting into. His Facebook page has many more photos where he adds himself into the.picture doing stuff. And lots of photos with the models – “trophy pics”. And lots of bad Photoshop filter use. And lots of silicon.

  13. Lalalalaaaaa

    doug hutchison & courtney stodden wanna bes? i’m sure those little fools believe his stories that he’ll make them famous. lol

  14. Oh my God, where’s my eye bleach? Somebody get me my friggin’ eye bleach!

  15. Can. Not. Unsee.

  16. In the immortal words of Mike Nelson “Well, whaddya know. It not every day you see the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen.”

  17. How many levels of wrong can one picture have?

  18. Oh wow is that Posterization I see before me?

    GREAT little tool for making all your photos look like Soviet propaganda posters….not so great for portraits…unless you are Joe Stalin.

  19. Being a fauxtog is bad enough. Being a perverted fauxtog, well, that’s the stuff of nightmares!

  20. Hanimex Omelette

    Coppertone went back to their old advertising agency after this campaign.

  21. You know, when I see photos like this I actually get more upset with the dumb bimbos who agree to do these shoots. I’m sure this will really skyrocket your “modeling career”. One look at this guy, along with his description of the concept, and I would hope most women would be walking out the door. He’s not any kind of photographer or ‘fauxtographer’ – just another sicko who buys a camera and preys on stupid girls who think this stuff will eventually have them in the Victorias Secret catalogue – meanwhile this guy gets his dream of getting to stare at skanky pics all day long . . .and making nasty crap like this. Ugh – I need to go shower. I really hope he stole this photo from someone – I don’t know if I want to live in world where girls actually agree to this.

  22. Gloria1967

    This is awful.

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