The King Of Horse Ladies

We love this one because it really makes you think… Think what the crap is this!?

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  1. Looks like a poorly done sleeping beauty… baby is the prince… not really that awful though, just would be better with more definition between the horse and girl.

  2. O man.. Over exposed, badly photo-shopped and blurred and sharpened in all the wrong places..

  3. Shutterbug Doug

    It’s a floating horse! But you ain’t got no legs, Lt. Dan!

  4. At first glance, it looked like the horse was on top of the sleeping beauty – getting it on with her … eeeew! LOL, maybe I’d better put my glasses on eh?

  5. What are they thinking?

    Seriously? Are they TRYING to make it on this site?

  6. I’m just confused. I should go to bed.

  7. This is just a photo manipulation, It is poorly done yes, but not bad if they are just starting out. I would like to see their other work before I judge if this person is trying to represent something they are not.Seriously if they are flogging it off to people who want to waste their money then more fool the people who purchase it, personally I couldn’t see people knocking down the door if this is all they have to offer. You can see a lot of this stuff on deviantArt and a lot of the time people who start out with crappy manips go on to make some awesome artwork. I think this site should be kept to people who are selling a service as a pro photographer with no idea about photography. They are the ones who are hurting the industry.

    • The good part of the composite is from DA.

      • the good part of it is ripped from dA. I know the artist who originally created it, and YANAP should inform the artist with details this persons details.

      • reality check

        *shakes head*
        Now I feel badly for joking around about it, if this is true… Ugh!

      • michael n christine

        Watermarking the (poor & stolen) work to keep people from stealing it is soooooo ironic.

    • “… photography” implies that they are, indeed, attempting to sell their services. I know very few people willing to purchase a domain for show purposes only.

      • cameraclicker

        I am one of those. I have had since 2006. With friends and family spread all over the globe it is a convenient way of sharing photos. It costs about $160 per year. You can’t purchase anything there, you can’t even leave a comment, but if you want to see some photos of Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Alaska, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, or a few themes, you are welcome to drop by and have a peek.
        I thought I might sell photography in the future so when I saw domain names I liked were available I picked them up too. If you already have a way of hosting, then you can add an additional domain name for only $10. While I was checking on domain names I found several that were that were put up with the same intent as my page and contained a bunch of photos of their last family party.
        It appears you can put up a photography page on FB for free, too. What implies they are trying to go professional is a schedule of rates and/or marketing like discount offers and other promotions.

  8. BurninBiomass

    So… now we know where Catherine the Great got her start.

  9. AbsyntheGreene

    At a first glance I thought the kid was sitting on the girl’s stomach with a horse behind them, it took me a second to see the line between the dress and the horse. The fact that the kid’s pants are almost the same colour doesn’t help either. The idea is cute and if it were slightly improved upon it could work pretty well. There needs to be more contrast between the white horse and the white dress, and the crown looks off. And maybe position the horse so it doesn’t look like it’s about to kiss the princess before little Prince Charming can get to her.

  10. I don’t know who I want to slap harder: the photographer or any of the commenters who have said it isn’t that bad.

    Sweet merciful Jesus, the girl looks like she’s about to kiss the horse.

    • Thank God you said it, I thought I’d entered some alternate universe. Because I thought the whole thing was crap.

    • deltamom

      AMEN!!!!!!!! I just cannot believe how many are saying it’s not that bad. I’m in disbelief. This is beyond bad. Grey skin tones…The scale is WAAAAAYYYY off. The horse is about to french “sleeping beauty”. Blech…. Just blech….

  11. reality check

    Giant, anemic, plaid sportin toddler, rides a shrunken horse to save a damsel in distress.
    But the story takes and awful twist when the evil witch’s spell proves stronger than originally thought, and they all are permanently morphed together. It’s like the movie “human centipede”, only better!!

    I totally get it! But now I’m scared of the twisted mind that thought this up. They walk among us ya know

  12. It’s not that bad, they got the story *almost* right. They just forgot that it’s the prince who needs to kiss the girl, rather than the horse.

    • Mathieu Perry

      Right, because bestiality is ok if you are a damsel in distress? “Almost” right is totally effing wrong.

      • And because pedophilia would be even better than bestiality.

  13. Desirée

    What I noticed first is that the woman is smaller than the baby… And she only has one leg. This must the fairytale of ‘The tiny one-legged Sleeping Beauty, who was kissed by a giant baby prince after the horse was done with her’.

  14. lol, the horse has such a gentle look in the eyes as he is watching sleeping beauty, I think this is entirely different story where the baby is in the way.

  15. Espantoso.
    solamente con verle la carita a ese bebè que ya entiende lo mal que se và ver eso!

  16. Ciao_Chao

    I think this photo isn’t catastrophic, the concept behind it is has the potential of being a good work of art, but in it’s current form it’s rather poorly excecuted, and this style is generally a no-go for the type of commission.

  17. I think the people saying this photo isn’t bad are the same types of people who are creating this garbage. The entire thing is awful.

  18. HeyThere

    I honestly can’t tell what’s going on in this picture.

  19. Is this the part where the boy kisses the girl and she turns into a frog?

  20. TollToll

    THIS IS CRAP. Stop trying to stick up for it, it’s complete CRAP

  21. Some of the worst PhotoChop I’ve ever seen (check out to see really good PC). Kid looks like he’s giving the thumbs up while the conformationally challenged horse – its neck alone makes up half its body – gets it on with his mom. Hideous.

  22. Just what the fuck!

  23. Caciotto

    That horse is heading down to the basement

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