Weddings Gone Wrong Collection

beware the blurfoot

Watch out for the out-of-focus foot!

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  1. I’m embarrassed to say but not enough to admit that I did a wedding many years ago and the groom had seen a shot somewhere like #3, requested I do it and I did. While I like to accommodate requests, I try to steer people away from nonsense however I figured just this once I’ll shoot it and bury it. No, it’s not the one above and you’ll never see it because I really did send it to digital heaven. Ugh. Shame on me.

    • Michelle

      But you don’t put it on your website right, we all do things for money and just let them slip through so no one else sees them.

  2. I did something similar a few years back because the bride wanted it. The things we do for money…

  3. Miralys

    I have to admit I kind of like the first one. It’s funny and the photoshop looks ok.

    • If it’s what the Client asked for, it’s reasonably well done and executed. Just another false positive from a hack editor.

  4. Bibelo

    About the giant monster bride, I don’t see why it’s ridiculous to laugh at yourself sometimes. I find it funny and not too bad technically.

  5. This made me laugh actually. Then I realised it’s because for some odd reason I’m associating this image with Shrek.

  6. DidYouEvenLookThroughTheViewFinder

    I like it. Obviously done for a laugh, and if you stop and think about it, this kind of photo makes it into the slide show for the twenty-fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversary parties. Not all wedding photos need to be so bloody serious.

  7. Lighten up,, the giant bride one is kinda fun. Uptight fucker.

  8. Youpeopleneedtolightenupandnottakeyourselvessoseriously

    Dude lighten up. I’m sure the photog just did it as a joke. There’s nothing wrong with laughing at yourself and being silly sometimes. This picture doesn’t belong on this site.

  9. HMichel

    The giant bride image made me laugh–in a good way. I love the idea.

    The only thing wrong with this one is the post processing.

  10. jermyster

    i actually like this, its not good photography, but funny as hell

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