Bad Baby Edits Collection

dead baby basket

The fauxtog really didn’t make these guys appear very lively…

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  1. UncleBob

    No, man, really???

    While I don’t expect someone starting out to be experts, at least do some research! Talk to established pros, trawl the internet, ask questions on forums. Any photograph must be interesting (all these are either pointless or hideous, I wouldn’t let them near a public portfolio), and have a point. It doesn’t help if an image is technically correct (not that any of these are), but it must have a point.

    And what’s with all the selective colouring??? Of all the images that I have seen use this, less than 1% used it correctly. I really think that selective colouring is something a pro (or so-called “pro”), should do their utmost to avoid.

  2. meinereiner

    I will never be able to open a suitcase again!

  3. Nicely done fauxtogs. You should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. You’ve all taken one of the most adorable and photo friendly subjects in the world and turned them into hideous monstrosities. And case in point with #6 as the logo is far prettier than the girl. Pretty much anything would unfortunately be prettier than the girl right now. Poor thing.


    That baby #6 has purple eyes – what child has PURPLE eyes. Why would someone do that to a child. I’m pretty sure editing a photo like this is tantimount to emotional child abuse (because one day that child might see this photo and think someone poored meths into her eyes to make them purple).

  5. Aluciel

    idk, I Kinda Like This one. It’s A Cute Concept, Even Though It’s A Bit Messy Here. It’s Still Not Terrible Though.

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