Ridiculous Edits Collection

curly hair edit face

We think this needs more airbrushing. You can still make out her nose.

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  1. nairbynairb

    Wow… Just… Wow.

  2. lol, I think the last one is supposed to imply the couple in “pair-a-dice”.

  3. Janamidala

    We are taking a serious gamble on this fauxtographer!

  4. WTF??

  5. I think in #6 we’re meant to conclude that this is “craps”

  6. Sherry Naumann

    In #2, unless someone ‘shopped the left pupil larger or the right pupil smaller (which of course is opposite in the photo) the person has a good chance of having ‘Horner’s Syndrome’. Seriously might wanna check that out if they didn’t know already.

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