And the award for the worst watermark goes to… this girl. Also, what is up with the weird crop?

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  1. I like the red mustang in the back 😉

  2. Anyone who uses white vignette should have their camera revoked.

    • UNLESS they are being paid to recreate an old timey photo LOL. then they should just be lamed.

      • if that’s the case, b&w or sepia tone! really screw it up.

        The picture truly sucks… bad composition… bad image… yuck-o-rama.

    • Could not have said this any better!

  3. Apparently they are being viewed through the evil queens mirror, and the fog is being disturbed, so she cropped to take out the mirrors frame?

  4. I HATE vignette. This is just another example of what you can do and shouldn’t do with Piknik

  5. Hahahah at the Mustang in the background!

  6. I guess I typed that wrong .. Picnik 🙂

  7. “I haven’t got it quite right yet…it happens every time. They all become blueberries!”

  8. people pay money for this dreck… it just blows me away.

  9. Pictures like this make me want to never touch a camera again.

  10. My mother-in-law takes better pictures than this!

    Oh wait. No she doesn’t. Never mind.

    (DID my mother-in-law take this picture? It’s REALLY hard to tell.)

  11. skynigurl

    I can’t find a single thing I like about this picture.

  12. The magenta skin tones don’t work for me either. Bad sunburn?

  13. The watermark may indeed be the best part of the image.

  14. Gourmetguy

    It’s hard to believe that someone would be proud of this photo!

    Well at least it’s a good advert for people not to use her services.


  15. hohum…this is how I see things after a heavy night on the town. Actually, probably how many people see things around them who have tunnel vision. Oh wait, that’s how most fauxtogs see their own photography through tunnel vision.

    I think they misunderstand the true meaning of properly framing the subject.

  16. Don’t watermark it if nobody will want to steal it. Seriously.

    Who says that every crappy family picture taken with a point-and-shoot and posted on Facebook has to have a watermark? It’s pretentious, dumb, and it devalues professional photography.

  17. I don’t think, no wait a minute, I know I would never have claimed this image when I was a freshman in HS using a Kodak 110 instamatic. You’ve really got to wonder WTF are the Fauxtographers and their clients thinking?

    Seriously – start with the composition, the wardrobe, the cropping, the exposure, the watermark, the background, the vignette…

    This has got to be a joke… or someone who scanned in an old family snapshot from like the 60’s or 70’s…

  18. The software is not the problem.

    • Agreed. The editing choice is the problem – someone who likes that effect is making mistakes that can’t be blamed on software.

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