Growing a Plant

I wonder if she’s eating lots of plant food to grow that thing.

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  1. For the life of me I can’t understand the idea with the plant. She’s pregnant wouldn’t you want to show your belly not that you can grow a plan on top of your belly??? Seriously I’d love to know how one does actually come up with these ideas and how they convince a client to go along with it.

    • I swear, I thought that was someone’s leg…wearing hooker boots?…not a woman’s belly.

      My first reaction was, “what…the F**k?…”

      • [quote] […] how one does actually come up with these ideas […] [/quote] – it’s called “creativity” *cough*

        i do like the “dirt accents”, wish i had done this when i was pregnant 😉

  2. Oh My …..

  3. I follow your site for the fun of it…I’m not a photographer and don’t really have the interest in photography, and I’ve never commented. I couldn’t resist this time…this picture is, by far, the most disgusting and ridiculous one yet!

  4. I know weird shit happens to your belly button when you’re pregnant but what is this?! Lol it actually took me ages to figure out what was happening in this one. Oh man!!

  5. What.The.Hell.

  6. laugh laugh laugh

  7. OMG! I OMG! I OMG! I what happens to these people?

  8. am I the only one who thought the plant was coming out of a buttcrack?

  9. George Kremer

    I can only imagine the conversation that brought making this image to mind; “Hey! (hand me my beer) I’ve got an idea! (hold my Jack Daniels) and git momma to lay down! Now, hand me that there plant! No, not that one, a plant we don’t smoke!”
    Love the garage and the shed in the background, too. Oh, and the dirt all over her, too. Nice touch.

  10. I take it this is supposed to be a “professional shot”. ha! this is bush league Audry. bush league.

  11. Ohhhhh My Goodness!!!! What the heck???? Have never in my life seen something as STUPID as this. WOW.

  12. Alexis H.

    You know, from a distance, I just thought it was a plant in one VERY ugly vase.

    I’m a former photographer, and I admit I never did many pregnancy shoots, and frankly, I’ve never understood why someone would want to do something like this.

  13. Anonymous

    I don’t get what’s wrong with this memorial photograph of a fat dead guy.

  14. Nope – no explanation what so ever…. at least the colors are good…

  15. Oh, God! Now all I see, after reading the comments, is some flowers sticking out of someone’s ass!

  16. Am I the only one who thinks the dirt to the right of the pot looks like hair?

    • Another Steve

      It looks like plant roots.

      The fauxtog ripped a plant out by the roots to symbolize life?

      This is fail on too many levels to count.

    • I thought it looked like hair too!

  17. Oh, wait, no pot… just dirt. Anyhow, still, the dirt looks like hair.

  18. Looks like a fat dude got drunk and passed out so his buddies could have a little fun. I remember this one time when we busted out the magic markers and a camera …

  19. I think it’s a mans gut, look at the hair. No pregnant woman would degrade herself like this.

    • I think that’s dirt. No man would allow himself to be photographed like that. My guess is that it’s supposed to be a pregnancy session gone wrong. Then again, your guess is as good as mine.

  20. its bad form to swear on a blog but @*$k me!!!!!


    if thats the fetus is she going to give birth to an oak tree or something? stand back people, it’s coming and its not going to be pretty. Well at least not until the autumn when its leaves get that nice red thing going on

  21. I am SOOOOO glad that I’m not the only one that looked at that and immediately thought it was a butt.

  22. Susan Hoffman

    Audrey? ….


  24. flowers over a body are usually at a grave site… or at the very least over a dead body. I would NOT want this pic at ALL.

  25. Nope, nah, get out of here…………WTH? could it get any worse? No wait it can, at least there is no spot coloring. *rolls eyes*

  26. I’m almost speechless at this one.

  27. Holy crap! Is this what happens when you don’t spit out the seeds?

  28. Katherine

    I’m sure this has already been said but I seriously can not find any other word except What…..The….F*CK!!!

  29. I seriously thought it was a butt.

    Epic fail.

  30. Aaron Mart

    It’s a very nice idea for the photo but all and all, SHE KILLED A PLANT!!!

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