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She uses Picnik and it shows.

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  1. Yup I know one of those.

  2. Yeah if she claims to be a paid professional and keeps using it she’ll be LOL’ing all the way to bankruptcy.

  3. it makes me sick I spent many many sleepless nights teaching myself the PROPER use of photoshop, yet these folks who upload thier “shot on the green box” images to picnik to “doctor them up” get PAID for this stuff. I am NOT pro, nor do I market myself to be. maybe one day when my skills are up to par and my kids are older. however, the time I’ve spent learning and trying to improve has been extensive, and I’m not stopping. It is frustrating, however, to see brags on facebook from feuxtog friends that make considerable money for pushing the button, firing the pop up flash, then adding that hideous spot color or worse the orangy sepia “effect” tat makes all her subjects look like the cast of jersey shore. sorry for the rant… sincerely, a seasoned amateur who knows her place.

    • You should try photoshop tutorials if your still having trouble! 😀

    • I totally feel you on this one!! Some people need a REALITY CHECK!

    • Hey Tara, I totally feel the same. I’m in the process of completing a $10k photography diploma, I’ve also purchased photoshop and a bunch of professional equipment. Like you I have stayed up late learning photoshop, watching tutorials. I’ve not ever had someone pay for my work yet and I won’t until I feel my work is worthy of some one elses hard earned money. It enrages me that I am putting in all this time, effort and money into doing this the right way while others are taking the easy way out with point and shoot cameras, using picnik etc. But at the end of the day, it’s not our photo’s that have landed here. Karma will get these “fauxtographers” back. Good luck with your photography and don’t ever feel like having good ethics and integrity is a bad thing. It’s a longer road for us, but I know I am looking forward to the day where I can proudly display my work for a client and have them feel happy to have paid for my images 🙂

      • Here is my two cents. I have been in the business for over 20 yrs and started out as a darkroom technician (late80’s), made the jump to digital as a USAF Photographer and now working overseas in Kuwait supporting Military and USO shows. I remember when this whole digital photography kicked off. My first DSLR I used, thanks USAF, was a Kodak DSC and cost 30K and was only 1.2MP lol wow times have changed! Now everyone, with the help of photo apps, camera phones, computers, photo software and digital cameras everyone thinks they are a photographer, NOT TRUE!

        I have seen garbage on this site because that’s what it is designed for, to show photographers WHAT NOT TO DO! Don’t get upset or feel any kind of way when you see Fauxtographers bragging about their “business” just laugh it off. It takes more than gear and software to be photographer

        Surround yourself with other professionals and keep learning the art of photography by attending trade shows, workshops, networking and join professional photography organizations like NAPP, ASMP or WPPI. Things like this will set you apart from the fauxtographers out there and will also grow your business and increase you skill set. Don’t worry about the “other guy/gal” and keep shooting!

      • nadine ledis

        kenneth aston,

        all power to you, i prefer a old style photographer anytime over someone that says hey i can do this photo-shopped and this and that… i just recently had boudoir pics taken,, after she handed me the cd to look at i told her to give me the originals cause even though i had a c section scar i am proud of it… she removed it via photoshop and i did not like it at all.. it is a part of me and i do not want anything removed nor added… the pic is supposed to be of who you are not who you want to be…

  4. oh, please forgive spelling/punctuation errors.. it’s hard to type with a toddler in your lap.

  5. I LOVE PICNIK! It saves me so much time and looks great….sorry Tara, if this makes you sick.

    • I love Picnik too… I’m just not a professional photographer. That’s the difference. If you charge for your photos, you shouldn’t be using Picnik. The end.

  6. Wsroadrunner


  7. Wsroadrunner

    Picnik… making crappy shots easier. LOL

  8. When editing effects are so noticeable that people ask about them, you’re doing it wrong.

  9. Anonymous

    yup Piknik must be awesome, just look how blurred her elbow on the left is, and how choppy the area above the elbow on the right is. Know quite a few fauxtogs in my area who think Piknik is awesome…unfortunately, those who think so do not seem to have an eye for detail. Wait, eye for detail isn’t important for a photographer right? (Just to be fair, a lot of photoshop users don’t have the eye for detail either.)

  10. She uses direct flash (like every other Joe with a camera) and it shows. Only difference is she put “Photography” in front of her name and gets paid. Of course, she’d probably get paid more working at McDonald’s anyway, so the rest of us need not worry.

  11. I don’t understand how people like this ever get hired in the first place. Is this just another lousy effect of cronyism? Shouldn’t the free market weed out obvious poseurs like this?

    • People unfortunately ignore talent for price. It happens in every business. I shoot multi-million dollar homes for licensed Interior Designers. In their business they get undercut every day by people that think because they can match colors that they know what they are doing. I have seen disasters on a grand scale because someone chose price over quality.

    • Anonymous

      One can wish they’d disappear. The cheapo or free photographers cost me a lot of clients by undercutting me. Later when the client comments that they wished they used me I just shrug. If you keep getting new clients to rip off you can keep going. Personally I prefer word of mouth and letting my work sell me.

  12. What’s funny is that before I found this site I had never heard of Picnik.

  13. Gourmetguy

    I like Picnik
    It serves a purpose. For cropping and other small tweaks, its not too bad. I only use it because from Flickr it’s easier than re-uploading.
    I know Photoshop very well, and If I was trying to sell my photography services then I would only use that. I also don’t have Photoshop on every PC I use, but I can access Picnik anywhere.

    • It’s not the software that’s the problem here.

      • Exactly. A Good photographer can make a great photo with Picnik also given the right amount of time and proper execution of the photo to start with :). I’m surprised noone has mention use of Lightroom in conjunction with Photoshop? This is my workflow I live by!

  14. Yep – another spot color horror story from a MWC who doesn’t know lighting, DOF, exposure, etc…


    And people buy crap like this for 1 of 2 reasons:
    1) it’s cheap and they don’t understand why they should pay big money for someone to stand there with a camera and then sit at a computer and edit their photos for 10 – 20 hours.

    2) Someone recommends the Fauxtographer to the bride – and of course because the Fauxtographer is a friend of a friend – she can do an awesome job – after all it’s just a wedding!

    • How do you even know this person is getting paid to shoot?

    • Browneyes

      Keep in mind that many “real” photographers charge high to outrageous prices. Many people, especially in this economy can’t afford that, so they hire a photographer of lesser quality for a lower rate. For what they can afford, it might just be good enough quality because they don’t know any better. They don’t know that a picture edited with photoshop looks better than one edited by Picnik. They could never tell the difference.
      Maybe you deserve to charge (a lot) more for your sessions than a “fauxtographer” because maybe you have your diploma in photography, but now that every average Joe can get a decent camera with acceptable pictures to the untrained eye, people won’t want to pay for your $300/hr. session.
      It is what it is.
      Like someone said before, this site is supposed to show the bad work of some wannabe photographers, for a laugh. If you can’t take it, don’t look at it!!

  15. OH MAN! She totally has a bootlegged version of photoshop. Unless she bought elements lol. If she paid for CS she would not be using picnik lol.

  16. Anonymous

    Right, what the hell is picnik?

  17. I’d never heard of Picnik either until I came here. I thought there were two kinds of people in the world, those who could afford/borrow/steal Photoshop,and the other 99% who are using GIMP.

    But who cares. It’s a crap photo, and I’m only jealous because Drive By Truckers are performing in Ithica and not somewhere here.

  18. Fauxtogs admitting to using Piknik will just breed more Fauxtogs. Their “clients” will be taking pics with their phone camera and “professionally” editing it online before you know it. Ah, the ease of technology… : /

  19. Anonymous

    Honestly whatever to the type of software you use. Honestly I think it gives photographers a bad name when we go around blasting others for attempting to try their hand at photography and are learning and can’t afford photoshop. Seriously. it’s not the fact that picnik was used here… honestly. I have seen wonderful photographers going to school who can’t afford photoshop on their own computers in my area actually use picnik for a few different effects and it has turned out wonderful. So really, if you’re going to have your nose turned upwards and think you’re so high and mighty about it, seriously just stop. Photography is competitive, and with time these eventual photographers who go to school or hone in on their skills will get better and if you can’t accept that they are doing what they can within their means, well really you’re only hurting yourself and making yourself seem like a lower wo/man. What does it matter what these people do if you’re doing what you can yourself to better your skill? It doesn’t hurt to incorporate other software for editing purposes. It only makes you a stronger photographer in the end. Think about it. How did you start out? If you didn’t have the money for photoshop, wouldn’t you use something that is relatively simple and about as good? I understand you worked hard for what you have, and want to help people out, but it hurt when you were younger in the day of learning photography to put your best work out there and get blasted for using whatever you had available to create the best shot possible and getting flamed for it.

  20. Picnik is the shit. I use it for all my selective coloring! They have awesome effects and stickers too!

  21. I think that if you are going to pass yourself off as a photogragher you should not use picnik. Get real Adobe elements is inexpensive that an amateur like me can afford it. Gimp is also free. I also know someone who tries to say she is a photogragher and uses picnick with the horrid vingettes and post pictures on facebook and everyone loves her pictures because they don’t know the difference between a snapshot and a quality picture. It just irks me because like others I spend time learning to better myself before I even think to call myself a photogragher. What’s more annoying is that she tries to copy my pictures or ideas.

  22. i met a pretty cool guy that takes really good images with his Canon Whatever-it-is and when i asked him which version of photoshop he uses or if he uses Lightroom i was FLOORED when he told me neither. he told me he uses only Pisca. he told me he has photoshop he just doesnt have the patience to learn how to use it properly.

  23. LMFAO I think the idiots are the ones that pay for shit they can do for free 🙂
    I have both and “picnik” can do most of the same basic shit photshop can.
    If you want to get a degree get a real one, paying however much for photography classes are a waste of time and money.

    -who’s laughing now.

  24. I'm the photographer

    For that photo, I used Picnik, for the rest of the photos for the wedding I edited them with Lightroom.
    I use Picnik, Lightroom and Adobe. I’m only 21, I’ve only had my camera for 8 months. Give me a f*cking break. I’m just doing what I LOVE and learning along the way.

  25. Eff Haters

    Hey! So, since my post has negative comments towards this website, I know it won’t be approved. But stop being a little bitch and stop playing these games with her. She is an AMAZING photographer. Her unedited photos are just as amazing as her edited ones. No one cares what tools she uses because she’s willing to share her techniques with others. If she takes better photos than you, suck it up. Don’t be a little bitch and play like this. Grow up or get out of the business. She’s doing something right. Now, fuck off.

  26. I'm the photographer

    The fact that you are all judging me on ONE photo hurts.
    I’m not the best photographer out there, and I know that.
    I have to start somewhere… check out my work in 5 years, I’m sure by then I will have a much better camera, know how to take an amazing photo, and have awesome photoshop skills. I’m young, I’m learning. I’m having fun doing what I love, and if people like my work and want to pay me, well, that’s a plus. My friends can’t afford a professional photographer, so fuck off.

    • I'm the photographer

      And I’m not “proud” that I use picnik. I hate it, but it’s all I know how to use. I’m taking photoshop classes, and I’m learning.

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