Too Many Arms

It’s cool, she’ll be able to play pattycake with herself!

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  1. jentheartist

    Ha Ha – I believe she’s laying on a book or a photo with baby arms but that is darn funny!

    • either way, the way the arms are placed looks just wrong – broken – to me.

      • Love Song for a Baby
        Marion Dane Bauer (Author), Dan Andreasen (Illustrator)

        in case my other comment might not be approved by the powers that be.

    • Captain Obvious to the rescue!


  2. She’s crushing her twin! Someone do something!

  3. some days I am praying for a third arm… I envy this kid

  4. Michelle

    Too funny

  5. The book prop is bad enough, but one of her snaps is undone as well. The horror.

  6. I love the selective colourisation. It makes the baby look so healthy and vibrant compared to her clothes.

  7. SoniKalien

    See – I told you not to mess with genetics. Now you have a black n white baby with arms growing out the side of its head!

  8. i think her arms are tucked underneath her and the kid in the book is crawling……but i can’t get why they used the book….

    • the book is called “Love Song for a Baby”. Maybe there’s a story behind it?

  9. reactiveload

    Good for the photographer, they managed to make the selective coloring the not worst part of this picture.

  10. First sign of a fauxtog – desaturation to the extreme every time. I really hope the parents didn’t pay for this.

  11. They had to lay down a book because the baby is laying on a boppy pillow which has a hole in the center. Way to go for baby safety!!!

  12. That is beautiful. I assume this wasn’t intentional, to be silly. I hope. God.

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