What Is That?!

Is that thing supposed to be coming out of her? And if so, what is it!?

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  1. I hate to say it looks like a giant digital tongue,NASTY!

  2. cass335

    umm….I’m speechless….

  3. It seriously looks like she’s squatting to take a crap!?

  4. Looks like they cropped her off a toilet and added this jazzy background to make it fun, lol.

  5. I am loving this website!

  6. I speechless (and that is very unusual!)

    I really don’t get why anyone would find this photo in any way acceptable. It’s not glamorous, it’s poorly composed, the digital background is nasty and she looks like she’s been caught answering the call of nature.

    It’s just a truly awful shot and another in my “what were they thinking?!” file.

  7. Richard B

    Why is she astride the Skitch logo… Did someone at Evernote upset her?

  8. FroggieG

    …..and what is she doing with her thumbs?????? No, wait, I don’t want to know……….

  9. Ummmm…..

  10. ewe. do I dare say that she was posing to replace the old, “How to insert a tampon” leaflet?

  11. Sadly, this is 99% of the ‘beauty’ photography in the country I live in.

    It makes me sad.

    And a little queasy too.

  12. SoniKalien

    I just threw up in my mouth a little …

  13. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Oh dear! Crop it way down to her head & shoulders. That’s the only way to save this photo.

  14. Interestingly she is sitting on the logo for a software application – Skitch by Evernote. So now this photographer is even stealing corporate logos into their images. Sheesh!

  15. She’s pooing on Skitch? She seems pleased about it I must say, and if not for the fact that it was allegedly found on a photographer’s web site I’d guess this was an attempt at commentary. Maybe she was not a happy customer…or something? But even if it WAS for laughs, the pose does not flatter the model. Crop away the lower body and stolen logo and you miiiiight have a keeper.

  16. I would have said ‘worst pose ever’ but I’ve bleached my brain too many times after looking this site to remember correctly.

  17. I would have said ‘worst pose ever’ but I’ve bleached my brain too many times after looking at this site to remember correctly.

  18. Augh … double post?

  19. LMAO! craptastic!!!! A new fauxtography favorite 🙂

  20. that was a wild night…..shrooms.

  21. I feel like the least she could’ve done was to wear the right sized bra… I’ve never met anyone who likes wearing a bra that’s too tight…

  22. Hmm no neck model with curve of earring emerging from eyeball (and also making her look like she has some horrible deformity of the cheekbone on the left). And sitting/pooing on a corporate logo…*sigh* maybe she’s a disgruntled former employee?

  23. Lindsay Branscombe

    It’s the goddamn logo for SKITCH!!! WTF

  24. Jessica

    They don’t look like thumbs at first….. Black hole!

  25. Hey photog! You’re supposed to wait until after she’s finished adjusting her maxi pad before you take the picture!

  26. Is she peeing lasers?

  27. ess.eee


  28. Junior

    Fail on every level

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