No Shirt, No Socks, No Photos!

This sure is something… and sexy isn’t it!

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  1. That looks like a photo that would be on the cover of a gay porn video!

  2. Looks like a gay boy hook up magazine photo.

  3. More like a gay zombie.

  4. If it is meant to be a good photo it sucks. If it is meant to be a horrible photo it is awsome. That look he is giving grosses me out.

    • reactiveload

      I’m with you, I’m wondering if this is part of a bigger collection of horrible awesomeness.

      • TollToll

        That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking “I want to see more”

  5. I’m just not going to respond…

  6. Chicken chest.

  7. I love the tucking of the chin into his chest lol I actually have to wonder if this guy is even over 18 because its giving off a really inappropriate vibe!

  8. That’s a still from 1988’s hit sequel Jon Cryer is Coming Out.

    • Desirée

      Yes! That’s kind of what I was thinking. This would be considered sexy-ish if we were still in the 70’s or 80’s…

  9. pixeldawg

    WOW. SOOOOO inappropriate! Creepy.

  10. Poindexter

    Looks like Booger from Revenge of the Nerds when he was in high school.

    • I was just about to point that out… if that ain’t Booger it’s gotta be his kid!

  11. With his chin drawn back and his hands on his junk, I reeeeally don’t want to contemplate what his “motivation” is for this shoot.

    AND he doesn’t look to be very far out of his tweens if at all….though he might be by now. Pants-olled-up and no-socks is very 1980s and I hope it remains there and never comes back.

  12. Maybe I have just been watching too much Law & Order but this photo makes me concerned about this guy’s age and willingness to pose like this. Maybe this one needs a double check by another type of professional; law enforcement. Are there others like this in the photographer’s gallery?

  13. Sorry to notice, but what’s “in” his pocket, under where his hands are? I really hope he just had a wad of kleenex in there or something…
    The guy is probably 18 but has a baby face. Though it’s entirely possible he isn’t. If this were some kids goofing around and taking ridiculous photos to be funny, it would be, but it has a photographer’s watermark (if you can even call that a watermark) on it!

  14. Isn’t this the last photo they take after being lined up against the wall and just before the Fashion Police shout “Fire!”?

  15. This is,



  16. i have nothing but………..

  17. Oh COME ON…This has got to be a hoax! =).

  18. And here’s your first photo for your new website: YouAreNotAModel.

  19. Wow. Hey Borat. Wooweee woowweee sexy times…its nice…

  20. Observer

    The questionable pose and expression aside, the image is well exposed and there is no selective coloring.

  21. Wsroadrunner

    Is that Booger from Revenge of the Nerds?

  22. Rasec

    No shirt, so socks, NO TALENT

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