There Is Nothin Worse…

There is nothin’ worse than a bored fauxtographer, so as the client you better show up ready to entertain! And don’t you be expecting any decent photos neither!

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    • Maybe he’d take my picture in my funny hat. That should help kill his boredom. Of course I expect him to shoot “TFP”…

  1. I was gonna say wow. Now I have to think of something else to say. I’ve got nothing.

  2. Apparently there’s nothing worse than use of the apostrophe in marketing usage. Although I’d say their photography is pretty fucking close, though.

  3. She is “Creations By Genie” on Facebook. It’s not hard to use Google image search to find it based on inputting the image source of the photo above so that Google finds similar images on other websites.

  4. A photographer

    There’s nothin(‘) worse than a desperate photographer.

    “I’ll take pictures of anything! AN-Y-THING! Just name it, hand me some cash and I’ll point a camera at it and put a rough border around it! Come on, someone just give a call, an email, a poke on Facebook, ANYTHING! Please, this equipment was expensive! “

  5. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    I can think of somethin worse than a bored fauxtographer.

    Her crappy pictures.

  6. I love that 3D text with the shadow behind it. It’s great.

  7. I figured this person was saving the apostrophes for “photo’s”.

  8. blurry sports shots!

  9. They are not bored. People don’t want to use them as photographers. Anyone in their right mind has better taste than that.

  10. There is nothing worse than a bored person who decides to become a photographer overnight!

  11. Several things that struck me here:

    1. Atrocious spelling and wording

    If the photographer does not bother to consult someone who does know a thing or two about correct spelling
    and appropriate wording (remember this offer is meant as a business!), then I conclude that he/she may not
    take his/her task seriously and probably his/her customers, too. Furthermore, the description as a “bored
    photographer” implies quite a few things:

    – the business owner chose his/her profession as the lesser evil (the other being bored) rather than passion and therefore is likely to perform the job with the least possible effort that allows him/her to get away with it.
    – the business owner has a problem with structuring one’s time, sticking to and finishing a task and the
    expectation of immediate attention.
    – It’s not the customer who matters and whose expectations are to be met but vice versa, the customer has to meet
    the photographer’s expectations.

    2. Horrible choice of samples

    A portfolio is supposed to display the best a photographer is capable of delivering. If, however, the choice of
    images features badly composed and lit motives than a prospective customer may very well ask him/herself why
    they should bother paying for a session they may as well create themselves with your average p&s camera.

    3. Boring presentation

    There is no need for doing everything oneself, if the outcome leaves a thing or two to be desired. There are
    professionals capable of designing appealing presentations of a business and pointing out potential unique
    selling points that make its owner stand out from the competition. In this case, “bored” turns to “boring” and
    unimaginative and perhaps even incapable. Sadly, criticism is not one of the things you will hear on “facebook”
    or any other social medium of your choice, because these are dominated by the internalisation of “political
    correctness” and “self marketing”. Whether it is hanging on to a dream or another demonstration of the Dunning-Kruger effect is something the photographer may know in a silent moment.

    As a summary, I think the advertisement does convey a message:
    It may not be the one the photographer expects, but prospective customers surely will understand and make their choices accordingly.

    • criticslove

      I don’t usually comment on these things I just come in and look around a bit to see what is going on out there. I have to say I have seen some crazy stuff too. You make some interesting point. I wonder what would happen if someone contacted this person and told them this. I wonder if they do have a true passion for it but does not realize what they are doing. I think some of the pictures have potential but the presentation if off, kind of like you said about the flyer.

  12. Call Me Maisie

    But there IS somethin’ worse than a bored photographer….

    …a BAD photographer.

  13. Anyone wonder why said fauxtographer is bored?

  14. Do half these “photos” even count as “photography”? I hate the black vignettes on EVERYTHING and what is up with on board flash!? STAHP FAUXTOGRAPHERS, YOU’RE DRUNK!

  15. If you’re a photographer and you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong.

  16. those kids.. in the family photos vignette…. they aren’t his…

  17. “There is nothing worse than a bored photographer”.

    Really? War, famine, natural disasters, the potential of the world running out of fossil fuels (we are so not ready for that), child abuse, poverty, birth defects, murder … I think I can find a few more if you have a couple of hours to read this post.

    Oh and found his/her facebook page … click my name.

    “My mission is take get smiles and memories out there at an affordable price. As a single mom I know there are many out there that want a nice quality photo of their kids but just can’t pay some of the prices that are being asked. I have taken the time to research some of these prices and do my best to make it a good deal for both you and me.”

    URGH! Another mom who thinks photography is a quick cash maker and is helping drag the market further into the abyss.

    • Nice work. Judging by the literacy level of the people who write on her page, they’re all in a world of their own.

    • Thank you, Eric, for posting that little piece of horrificness. Wow. Just wow.

    • What kills me is that these photographers actually put down more qualified artists because they charge a higher rate.

      It’s like their business strategy is to find the cheapest clients and say “hey buddy, we’re in this together – I won’t rip you off like those others”.

      It’s a closed business model. Lower budget shoots mean that the photographer can never grow as an artist or a business; as long as people pay them their 20 bucks or what not, they never feel the need to improve.

      ….even if they did improve and raise their rates, it would make them hypocrites.

      Photography is a collaborative community and I’ve never understood those that call actual studios and spend hours and hours pretending to be clients, rather than simply be a little more social and learn both their craft/art and the business behind it and perhaps make some valuable networking leads.

      On the other hand, moms with cameras do absolutely nothing to harm the photography community as a whole. There is and will always be a market for highly skilled photographers, regardless of the economy or the amount of competition.

  18. Eric – i had a look at her page and im sad to say this is one of her better efforts…..they used to say home tapeing was killing the movie industry now they should say bored housewives are killing photography…

  19. Finally, a photo worthy of publication on both YANAP and on You Are Not a Graphic Designer!

  20. how in the fucking hell do these people book weddings, hooooow

  21. criticslove

    ya know I look at a lot of the posts on here an every now an then I think you guys miss the mark. Even so instead of tearing them down why not actually contact some of the people and trying to help them. Some of them might actually be happy to hear some pointers instead of trying to tear them down. I don’t get it .. some help me see the good side to this site?

  22. If you find yourself with a perfectly good, working camera in hand and find yourself bored – you are by no means a photographer.

    If you’re truly a photographer, imnsho, there is always something to shoot, different techniques to explore. Even if you’re not carrying around a camera, you probably find yourself *seeing* shots that you’d love to get. See places you may add to your roster of possible set locations for a shoot. See someone with striking features and figure out how you’d light and shoot them.

    And needless to say moste fauxtogs only dig out their camera two minutes before off to shoot a gig with a client. Gawd ferbid that they should actually learn their camera or hone their skillz.

  23. Here is a recent post from her facebook page for her business…I just about fell off my chair! This explains a lot.

    “I knows I aint no smart purson but I doo love shooten people. I nose that nut everywon will like my wurk but I am thankful for dem dat do … youse guys rock!!”

  24. So I had a look through her Facebook page. Like most of these fauxtographers, she’s just taking hundreds of “snaps” of no particular note. If I was looking through a friend’s snap album at these photos I would get bored after 30 seconds. Yet some people think this is the basis for a business?

  25. marc medios

    Except maybe one who can’t spell

  26. Superballs

    “Check out on Facebook”


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