A Demon and His Mommy

Oh Fauxtogs, always managing to turn innocent children and happy memories into creepy demons and disturbing images!

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  1. what in the hell

  2. It was a nice thought, but the eyes ruined the whole thing. It looks kinda like the photographer used Microsoft paint to color in the eyes during editing.

  3. Lou Ferrigno, early years

    • EvilDaystar

      I was just about to reply with “You wouldn’t like him when he’s mad!”

      Like … sure, change the eye color (not sure why but hey …) but at least LEAVE THE CENTER BLACK!!! Also, a 2 second tutorial would have explained how to do this horible edit properl… hot to do this wel… I can;t say it. It to do it so it doesn;t suck more than it has to.

  4. His eyes just look sick and infected. And he looks so sad. What made them think this was a good idea?!

  5. kid’s wearing what looks like a wifebeater and is sporting a mohawk. In a few more years he can get tats. He’s clearly of the demon seed, so maybe he’s the dad.

    Otherwise…yeah. Looks like the work of a local faux, who colours the irises of innocent babies purple. Naturally the rest of the kid and shot are all desaturated.

  6. AbsyntheGreene

    Is that a tattoo on mummy’s side (right by the boy’s hand) or some odd looking stretch marks?

  7. I find the disembodied baby bump just as disturbing as the eyes.

    Also, maybe they did the eyes that way to symbolize the kid’s jealousy of the new baby….probably not, though.

  8. What, no likes for this stunning image? NO oohs and aahs? What in the hell is this world coming to I ask you! This is just the type of thing that makes me lose a little more faith in humanity.

  9. Perhaps we should be more sensitive… maybe his eyes are that strange color from radiation, and his hair has been falling out as well… What? You had to ruin my temporary, pretended empathy by pointing out the select color? Darn you already! Darn you I say!

  10. With the impending sibling so close to his face, the green-eyed monster AKA jealousy reared it’s ugly head.

  11. I dunno. I think it’s a bit weird all in all to have a kid snuggling up to a baby bump, even in natural colour and without neon eyes. really the whole baby bump thing has really been done to death.
    having said that, maybe a nice matching neon green bow around her belly would have pulled the whole thing together.
    hahaha, I kid.

  12. This is so scary! What’s he going to do to the baby?!

    P.S. I would love to never see another trite maternity pose like this ever again!

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