The Mustache Shirt

We mustache you a question. Are those shorts or a jean belt?

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  1. OMG, I know where that was taken. =\ What a waste of a good location. The only redeeming aspect of the shot is that they didn’t get the cardboard compactor in the frame.

  2. Just plain “Gross”. Someone should just slap the photog for ruining my night!!

  3. Kristian

    Does anyone know the stress capacity for wicker?

  4. Alright! Who wants a mustache ride? I do I do!!!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS… I think we are on to something here… I think we should get a redneck hotttie calendar going! WTH are people thinking… excuse me while I go throw up my dinner I just ate…

  6. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    No, no, no, no, NO!

  7. If it hasn’t already happened, some asshole will comment on the model’s size or attractiveness, instead of on the photographer’s ability to properly pose his/her subject.

    • Kimberly

      Looks like you just did.

    • You are the ONLY person who brought that up….

      • dorkeemn

        Um…no – actually it was brought up from the beginning – although subtly by a few of the posters…and then some not so subtle – with the shorts and wicker remarks.

    • There is only so much trickery you can do with overweight people.

      • You shouldn’t need ‘trickery’ for overweight people. There are plenty of outfits and poses that can make an overweight person look very good. Besides, overweight people usually know they are overweight, so they wouldn’t want to look skinny on the photos anyway. They only want to look good.

  8. MarySmith

    This photographer could have saved this image if he had any kind of insight. I would have cropped the photo to her shoulders, because the upper part of her isn’t that bad.

    • I agree. Once again, here’s a subject with a nice face. I even like her hair. But once again, the fauxtographer makes an effort to take my attention away from those assets.

  9. Whew..bad pose and bad cropping. I’m just trying to figure out the logic or lack thereof behind the hand placement. At first I thought she might be playing air-guitar, but the more I thought and looked, the more I didn’t even want to know.

  10. Deluded Pixels

    Hilarious to think that some people here think they can do better, when they probably can’t.

    • What makes you think that? I think most of us wouldn’t have her posed wide legged in such short shorts… Which makes us better than this fauxtog, right?

    • Cherry7Up

      I absolutely could have done better with posing alone. It’s not rocket science.

  11. Never… I repeat – NEVER photograph directly at a persons crotch. Let alone when their legs are spread and its in the middle of the picture so it’s exactly what your eyes are drawn immediately to! Ugh! Composition failure!

  12. I am seriously beginning to think that the only people that care about good photography and post production skills are photographers. It would seem that clients are not all that interested if they can get a session for $50.

  13. lazyshoegazer

    In contrast to most of the pictures on this site, I see very few problems with this photograph, technically — which, to me, really is what defines the difference between a photographer and a “fauxtographer” (eg. someone who knows how to use their equipment vs. someone who doesn’t but thinks they do and usually charges). The setting, subject matter, and pose are unsettling, but that’s sort of the point — this doesn’t appear to be a glamour shot.

    The only technical issue that I see having a problem with is the cropping, but I can see how there might have been compromises that had to be made if there was too much peripheral interference that would distract from the subject of the composition. In a setting such as this, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was too much in the fore/background that would have taken away from the subject.

  14. the model is doing a good job “selling” the shirt alright..

  15. I Mustache you to stop! This photo is wrong on so many levels. She shirt, the pose the hair. ugh!

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