He Looks So Happy

It’s great seeing someone who really enjoys their job! Perhaps consider a different angle next time Fauxtog!

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  1. Kristian

    I have a feeling this angle was intentionally selected. Hard to trash someone that doesn’t have a watermark on their image though, it’s not like they’re saying “hey, check out my photography skills”.

  2. Oh….now….seriously….there is no way the fauxhog didn’t see that…..no way.

  3. Cmon, this looks like a snapshot, not something from a fauxtog!

  4. No wonder the “massages” are complimentary!

  5. no watermark? Check.
    no screenshot of the image in a facebook gallery/on a photography website? check
    no evidence of “artistic” post production? check
    no evidence of some attempt to use any kind of studio/pro equipment? check
    no evidence that the girl is trying to act like/look like a model via a posing style or wardrobe style? Maybe – check
    no evidence that this is actually coming from a fauxtogropher? check

    At some point the good denizens of this website are going to have to realize that the admin is completely out to lunch. He seems to have absolutely zero clue what real fauxtography is and each time he posts an image like this, it’s embarrassing to himself, the site and the poor people who to be associated with it as members. If you are really this clueless, hand the site off to someone who at least graduated middle school and be done with it.

    • Grackle

      Uh wow, I agree that it’s stupid & pointless to have non-fauxtography on here but jesus, you don’t need to be a dick about it.

      • The admin has been sitting silent for weeks, carrying on while a growing number of users complain about the shoddy images that are being posted. Not a single statement regarding the images, no proof provided on images where it has been asked for, nothing on facebook, and the sub-par images continue to be posted without abatement. It was gentle and polite in the beginning, but that went unheard. If it takes public embarrassment and humiliation to get the point across (which is again the entire point of the website you’re on) then so be it.

      • Ok, this is a website making fun of crappy photos…not CNN. Is it really a big deal? Good lord.

      • Actually it’s a website that purports to make fun of a certain kind of photos for a particular reason. One of those reasons is a lack of professionalism and skill. What does it say about the professionalism and skill of someone who can’t even stay on message?

    • idkmybffjill

      1) Start your own site,
      2) Leave this site, or
      3) STFU.

      NEWS FLASH: Nobody is forcing you to be “associated with” https://youarenotaphotographer.com, or view the content posted herein. The door over there? See it? It’s beckoning you! Use it! 🙂

    • You seem to care an awful lot about a website that’s available for your entertainment. You don’t have to come here and you don’t have to bitch about it when you do.

      Clearly you haven’t heard of something called “event photography” which people still get paid for. And the lack of watermark doesn’t really matter worth a shit.

      Get over yourself. Log off the internet for a while and go take some pictures. I mean, that is what you do, right?

      • This doesn’t remotely resemble “event photography” and there is zero evidence that it is such.
        There is a lack of any evidence, as I pointed out, and looks like nothing more than an iphone snap.
        It’s extremely unlikely that a couple of people offering free massages hired an actual event photographer.

      • It looks to me, Jack, like it’s a special event held at a fitness facility, quite possibly a grand opening or an anniversary. Both types of events that might require a hired photographer. Sorry that your skills of deduction are so painfully weak.

    • PhotoDon

      If you don’t like it, jackd, why don’t you leave?

      • Because that’s a defense for this terrible posting. Why don’t you demand better from the sites you visit, or is that all your attention is worth? A half-assed job by a silent admin sitting there cashing checks from the ridiculous amount of advertising on this site?
        Again, what is this site about?
        Making fun of people who have no skill or ability at what they’re doing for money.
        Guess what my comments are about?
        Making fun of someone who seems to have no skill or ability and making money at doing it.

        I would say if you can’t handle having the criticism justly turned around, you might be the one who should leave.

  6. OK, this is obviously a situation where someone was walking by and saw this. They pulled out their phone and snapped the photo. Funny? Yes. Fauxtography? Uh, no.
    It may even be a friend of the guy giving the massage from the look on his face. Maybe they planned this. At most, a prank.

  7. cameraclicker

    EXIF says it was edited with Photoshop Elements 10 for Windows, which is not very definitive in terms of who the photographer might have been. It’s a funny photo which highlights the need to pay attention to composition.

    • There is zero other information in the photo. A lot of websites, including facebook, strip exif data. If this came from a facebook page as mentioned it may have been cropped/saved/etc by the “admin” of this site which is why it says it was edited in that. With zero camera detail that little bit of exif data is meaningless.

  8. BurninBiomass

    No no no… the CUSTOMER gets the happy ending.

  9. This isn’t bad. This is epic!

  10. aljmarr

    This does not belong on this site. Seriously, go to the forums and pick some of the crap on there instead of someone’s cell phone shots. I have a full time job and a home business and still could run this site better.

  11. Funny? Yes. Fauxtography? Um..likely not, nor does it really look like an attempt at proper photography. Looks like a snapshot from some kind of event. Somebody saw an opportunity for a funny snap and grabbed it. Sure it could be a better photo…but considering the vast sea of faux fodder I’ve seen posted around this site’s forums, this one is pretty tame.

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