Goo Goo Gobble

Look what baby brought home for thanksgiving dinner!

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  1. First 😛 What the hecka is with tha selective colour, bad cut out, poor baby looks perplexed and I would too if I had to grow up with THIS in my baby photo album….

  2. I…I don’t…I don’t see anything…anything…anything wrong…wrong with this…PFFFTT…AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ROFLMAO!! 😛

  3. oh dear lord….

  4. This is just weird. I can’t even grok the meaning of it. Someone really posted this? You sure you didn’t just retrieve it out of someone’s trash?

  5. Cierra Nicole

    disgraceful photo. i am also a photographer and this is anything BUT photography! *puke*

  6. But what I like is how natural the baby looks, like she’s really sitting on the turkey.

    -_- False. She does not look natural.

  7. BurninBiomass

    I think this was a cover illustration for the book “The Turkeyriders of Pern”.

  8. Super irresponsible of this fauxtog. It’s very dangerous to let your baby ride a turkey. I assume this is the fauxtog’s baby because WHO WOULD LET THEIR CHILD ANYWHERE NEAR THIS PERSON?

  9. The baby is dancing…gangnam style…. :/

  10. Riding sidesaddle to prove she’s a lady, aye?

  11. Christina

    My brain hurts. This is just bizarre. What photographer are they trying to emulate here?

  12. there’s a baby growing on that turkey!

  13. Fauxtography as it’s absolute finest! A stunningly executed example of the faux’s art. Rising to the top of your field is tricky in this day and age but somehow this person managed it, right to the top ( bottom? ) of the fauxtography heap with a superb example of the genre. A round of applause!

  14. xeyedlyza

    Here’s the first red flag…when someone brings their infant to a photo shoot wearing Real Tree bloomers, they should be automatically turned away from whatever studio/basement/mobile home/clearing in the woods the so-called photographer is working out of. Nothing good could possibly come from that meeting.

  15. mrrabbit2502

    I think….. wait I can’t think anymore… ummm HELP!!!
    Don’t people usually shoot Turkeys. I would have never thought of riding one. Maybe it’s a new sport for the little ones. What is this world coming to. Leave it to the Fauxtog’s to introduce us to Bizzarro World.

  16. Anyone notice what looks to be an animal tail (lion maybe?) in the background near the turkey’s breast? There’s a lot of bad cloning around the bird so ‘something’ was edited out of the background picture. Nonetheless, a stupendous piece of fauxtography.

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