The Goddess of Fauxtogs

Meet Fauxtodite, the Goddess of poor pixles, crappy cut outs and insane Photoshoped failures from throughout Olympia.


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  1. goddess

    o.m.g. no words.

  2. NicCole

    Do you think she knows this has been done to her?

  3. meeshybee

    Oh my…. I mean, how…. Dear Lord.

  4. ashlee


  5. She’s got a rockin body, but damn, just damn!!

  6. flecksable_flyer

    I used to have a cellphone with that resolution… in 2009!

  7. I love 8-bit Nintendo games! Oh, waitaminute….

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Oh yeah… that’s appealing.

  9. She probably has a really hot looking body, but this train wreck makes it look like she has hairy mans arms and legs!

  10. Burninbiomass

    Looks like she got the phrase “you’re gonna eat lightning and you’re gonna crap thunder” backwards.

  11. Andrew Mills


  12. oh my 🙁

  13. Tommie

    OH…. MY….. WORD……
    You have got to be incredibly stupid to even begin to imagine this concept. Please tell me this is a cruel, horrible joke… please?!!!!!

  14. OMFG…hope the model doesn’t actually see this image, she might do a helicopter spin with the fauxtog as a rotor….and as she clearly is a body builder, wtf is she hiding her body?!

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